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Hi, I have just taken delivery of my Specialised Allez and I have found they have fitted it with standard flat pedals!

I have had a look around and I am all new to this and have a limited budget - but i need some clipless pedals and shoes - can anyone make some suggestions


  • that is standard, as pedals and shoes are very much a personal preferance.

    SPDs are probably likely to be your cheapest option...pedals can be bought for about £20 (I think) at their cheapest...Decathlon do some I probably from about 30-40 quid.

    There are 2 or 3 other options (I think) - which are probably 'better' although these will be more expensive - am sure someone who knows more about this can comment accordingly.

    Im not a cycling expert - but ebay can have some good bargains (2nd hand), chain reaction cycles, and also wiggle.

  • OK so I am looking for SPD pedals and Shoes - cool

  • I'd get used to the bike first with the standard pedals.

    Going clipless and on a brand new bike can be a bit tricky if you're not used to road bikes ?

  • Ah ok - noted -thanks image
  • If you fit (mountain bike type) SPD's, they are double-sided.

    Ie; there's no need to 'flip' the pedal over as you set off to engage the cleat (as on road-type SPD's & 'Look', or 'Time', style pedals)

    MTB SPD's are also brilliant for a commuter-bike, as the majority of the shoes that accept the 2-bolt cleat had it recessed into a tread-pattern, so there's not of that walking on your heels that happens with road-shoes

    I'll admit I utilise both types

    SPD on my Cyclo-Cross bike, Trek MTB, & my (old) Dyna-Tech commuter/trainer

    'Look' on my carbon-fibre Ridley road-bike

     See here, for a brief over-view & the way they look;

    However; for longer rides, te 'Look' type are far better, as they pair with 'road shoes' (eg; 'Sidi'), which tend to have a far stiffer sole & thus are more comfortable,as the cleat can't be felt

    That said, I have ridden for 4 - 5 hours before now, on my training-bike, with SPDs, using MTB/clyco-Cross type shoes

    NB; which ever type you go for, please makesure that they are set-up correctly, or your knees will suffer (the supplying bike-shop should help out in setting them to your physique)

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