Tough Guy 2012 Team?

Hi all,

We are looking to make a team for Tough Guy 2012 so please let me know if you are interested.

This will need to be sorted fairly quickly before the fee goes up again so within a month we need to know numbers I'm guessing.

Please only put your name down if you are a definite yes and can pay straight away when required, we don't want to have to be chasing payment etc.

Possible savings:
Groups 3-5 £5.00 Discount = TD01
Groups 6-7 £10.00 Discount = TD02
Teams 8-9 £15.00 Discount = TD03
Teams 10-14 £20.00 Discount = TD04
Teams 15-19 £25.00 Discount = TD05
Teams 20-24 £30.00 Discount = TD06
Teams 25-29 £35.00 Discount = TD07
Teams Over 30 Please Email

We have a few definites already, about 5 so the more the merrier.

Bring on the pain again - Yohimbe!!! image


  • Update from TG HQ:

    Team Entry -
    Your team can all pay individually for themselves as long as a deposit is made, at this time we are waiting for clarification on the amounts for the deposit. We will put you down to receive a team pack which explains everything though. Then you can take the role as team captain and ensure all the team form is filled in and sent to us.

    Starting Position -
    Your starting position is based on whether or not you have done the event before. If you have, you will be Tough Guys (2nd Start), if not Wetnecks (4th Start). Wetnecks can upgrade to Wobblemuckers (3rd Start) but cant be in the Tough Guy Squad unless previous eventers.

    Price Rise -
    We are unsure when the price may rise again but if you can get your entries sorted this month, you should be fine.

    Well looks like we wait until the pack info arrives then. Hoping the deposit isn't too much but all will be revealed in time. In the mean time we can crack on with finding more people. I'm not fussed where we start and quite happy to be a Wetneck again if we have new members image
  • Hi Miss Kness,

    I guess from this that it went well as you want to do it again. Was it as cold as Hellrunner this year?

    This is one of those races that I want to do so no better time than now.

    please put my name on the list.
  • Hiya Catcat image It was the worst and best thing I've ever done so far. Nothing compares and the cold is on a different level as it's just constant and makes you a little delirious I'm sure!

    I swore never again for about 24 hours after, now I'm slightly obsessed and want to get to next January already image

    You are on the list.

  • Anyone else want to join a team application to help reduce costs? Ten in the team so far.
  • And we're IN!! image

    The rules on discounts are different for 2012, it's 1 free in a team of 10 so you save about £16 each roughly.

    The Red Lions will see you there image

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