Talkback: Nike+ SportWatch GPS: Sneak Preview

I really like the look of this watch - very cool & trendy! It's good that there is now competition for Garmin and Timex. Will be interesting to know if the tap screen function still works if you have sweaty hands or if it is raining? Do you think the back up of the watch syncing with a Nike+ foot sensor is because the overall signal of the watch is weak? It looks very thin compared to the Garmin 405 as well?


  • seen a video on youtube and it looks pretty cheap and tacky imo

  • Not convinced about it I am afraid. Some of the failings with the first sports watch apear to be still there, such as having to use their website to look at your runs - no offline facility (Nike+ website or Nike advert?), and as a runner who loves numbers (we all do) the very basic information shown on the website doesn't compare to other software packages for other GPS systems.

    "reminders after 5 days if you haven't logged a run".... sorry but the watch isn't stylish enough to wear every day, or smart enoug to wear to work - so it will get worn when you are going for a run - and so when would I see the reminders, yup, just before I am about to go running.

    Still if it creates a bit of lower end competition in the GPS watch market then bring it out!! Garmin, Polar, et al. might drop their prices and that must be a good thing.

     I might be wrong and when I get the time to have a good read about it and what you get for your money, I might change my mind, but I am sceptical that I will.

  • its all about the price, if its much under £100 stack them high! if its over £100 I shall be shy!
  • Kerry RW wrote (see)

    According to their PR agency the price in the US will be circa $300, but this doesn't necessarily mean that they'll simply extrapolate that over here.

    Knowing normal business practises, that's exactly what it will mean!  image

     For that price I'd definitely stick with a Garmin.

  • I think price will be an issue too. Something new, expensive and untested will take a while to gain momnetum.
  • Looks slightly less Star Trekie than a 305 or 310XT but doesnt seem to offer any advantages. What I really want is a whizzy new watch from Garmin. Anyone have any insider gen on 310XT future versions?
  • See, for me the 305 is perfect.. It does everything you need it to do and it's really simple to use.. And generally it's around £130 on amazon which is better than most!

    I also think that Nike+ website is fun but not very comprehensive and so flash intensive and fiddly! Ok the Garmin Connect site could be better but still prefer it and wouldn't be lured away...

    Oh and I think touchscreens are a bad idea!

  • i hope they test it in the rain to see how that touch screen handles a bit of moisture,if its anything like the garmin 405 with its touch sensitive bezel it'll be a nightmare.
  • Know where you're coming from Mark. It's not just rain it's sweat too. And let's face it when you run, you sweat! I tend to lock the bezel now on most runs to get over this.
  • $300 = £200

    Not a cat in hells chance will anyone pay over £200 for this.

    Yes the gps speed is awesome compared to my £130 garmin 305, but I just turn in on pop it outside put the rest of my clobber on and its ready for me to put on. No way will runners pay £200 plus for this cheap looking watch. 

  • I have just started to run at the age of 66 ,last time i ran I was 12 ,just got myself a pair of salomon xt wings 2 any idea what other bits of kit i might need to make my runs compfy ?
  • It's ludicrous to expect this watch to be priced under £100, it is a GPS watch after all... 

    I think it looks pretty good, hopefully the build quality will be decent too, I'd expect that Nike has learnt their lesson from the first gen Sportband. 

    What I'd love to see is a GPS enabled G-Shock.

  • I never realised it was a touch screen... sweaty hands, bit of a sugar coating from an energy gel. Another reason not to get one I am afraid - the price will have to drop to below £100 for me to even consider looking at it. I'll stick with the Garmin with no beep
  • to Quote "It's ludicrous to expect this watch to be priced under £100"

    if only you knew how low the manufacturing costs are in china!*.. my guess is under £15 for this watch. I think this watch will launch at £199 and be discounted by christmas to a more realistic £99 and thats my jumping in point! now if they launched at £99 that would be a real market shaker...

    *(having previously imported computer cables by the thousand from china at 0.20p delivered!) Rick Ryder..

  • does anyone have any experience of the Ventus GPS watch ? which seems to have a heart rate monitor also... £79 Ventus
  • By saying that it will launch at £199 more or less backs up my point. Of course it'll be manufactured at a tiny fraction of the retail price, but you can say that about quite a lot of other consumer products as well, theres no reason this should be any different, it is Nike after all... It's not as though they pitch much stuff at the lower end of the market either.

    For it to be discounted by 50% inside 8 months means that it will have to be a colossal failure, even the disastrous first gen Nike Sportband didn't result in any subsequent price reductions.

  • I have heard that it is really good with no issues with the touch screen. The Nike Watch will be available from the TomTom & Nike websites from early April, it will defo be over £150. It wil have a 'soft' launch in the UK at first, to drive purchases through the Nike store. It may be may be  availble from more high street retail/etailers from May/June.
  • Blimey that's expensive when  you think what you get with the Garmin 305 for £70 less.
  • They seem to be getting preorders organised now:  Achilles Hell say they're taking them from the 1st April for £180, but the units won't ship until March 2nd.

    Seeing as the apparently-more-fuctional 305 has just about hit £100 on Amazon I doubt the Nike will take the market by storm...

  • I just heard a rumour that it will be £99
  • Yep so i have just brought a non working/charging Garmin 305 on ebay £30, garmin refurbed it for £40 i have enough change for a years worth of race entries!  simples! tch...
  • Hail Hail

    Got one!!!  Its incredibly user-friendly, and as accurate as a Garmin.  Available from Sweatshop online now, and in-store from tomorrow.  £179.

    Anybody who seriously thinks that they can get a brand new top of the range GPS unit with all the functionality that this has is deluding themselves.  Older Garmin models are cheaper, but nowhere near as easy to set-up and use as this.

  • Hail Hail

    Oh yeah, forgot to say - no other UK retailer will have it until May1st.  Achilles Heel will just have to wait!

  • The touch screen is to switch the light on. One tap and it's on for around 5 seconds.
  • On the Ventus watch, I have it and it's a great product, especially for the price. One issue is that you need to leave the watch sitting for 30 seconds before it synchs with the GPS, but is fine after that. 

    I think that it may now be discontinued by maplin where I bought it. 


  • clearly the reviewer of this product has not - like me - spent hours in help forums and on the phone to Nike trying to get the damn watch to connect to the computer. This watch is the coolest design ever but a total disaster. I have tried other computers but same experience - the watch is just not picked up (on either a Mac or a PC). I would thoroughly recommend that you do not buy this product. If in doubt do a search to see how many people have had the experience that I have had. NOT RECOMMENDED.
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