Wokingham 2011 - Help with PB

Help ....... with a PB.

I will be running Wokingham Half on the 13th Feb, the following day I will be 40 !!  I would love to get a PB before I become a Veteran Runner.   Lots of my family and friends are coming to watch so really important to me.

Can you help ??  I have a PB of 1.47 acheived at the Reading Half in 2010 and I have been training 5 times a week since Jan 1st, I would love to run with you if you can help me get a PB.

Looking to get a 1.45

Let me know

Thanks FH 


  • image You'll be fine Funny Hat.

    Work out what pace you need to do per mile, start off at that pace, and after 2-3miles the pack will probably have settled, and you'll have plenty of similar paced people around.

  • Cheers Stevie.

    Just like to run and have a bit of a chat with someone, my normal running buddy is going for a quick time himself, when I ran with him last year I got a PB at Wokingham, Bath and Reading !

    Do you think if I wear my hat,  RW people will spot me and run with me ? 

  • chatting in a race? don't know about that.

    Although when I did Gosport in November,a guy was barking some encouragement to our little gang!

    wear a big sign

  • Perhaps if I did a little less chat I might get even quicker !! Will give it a go at Wokingham and report back.

    No running partner required, unless of course you want to race and no chat !!
  • Funny Hat - i normally ask around at the start line what sort of times people are expecting so i make sure i get in the right pace group.   For me though it's a case of making sure i'm not too far forward. image

    Good luck.  I have an entry for Wokingham, but i have a bit of an injury so questionable as to whether or not i'll even make it to the start line...............image

  • Did a PB 1.41 : 47

    Happy days !!

  • ringo100ringo100 ✭✭✭

    well done Funny hat.

    Wokingham is always good for a PB except for last year garmin time last year 1.39.57 official 1.40.04. I had to wait until September of the same year to get officially below 1.40.

    A bit windy and cold this year and seemed harder than last year.  

    I am a veteran runner (43) actually find I am getting faster and now down into the 1.38 area (not quite Stevie G times)

    well done

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Nice work Funny Hat, and cheers Ringo!

    Easy for me to say at 29, but I believe age is no barrier, unless you really smashed the mileage hard when you were younger. I know I didn't, so as I work harder now, the times are nicely dropping.

    Will be the same for you 2 fellas as well.

    One check of your average race results, normally shows there are a hell of a lot of vets doing fast times.

    We move  the Reading half now, next sunday. Never time to rest on a pb!

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