Where to run in Swindon?

Just started running and not sure where there are any running paths around Swindon. I like to run amongst nature etc as opposed to road running.

Also, are there any running clubs in Swindon that people could recommend?

Thanks in advnace,


  • Good on you for starting running! I'd definitely suggest you go running along the Ridgeway. Nothing like outstanding views to lift the spirit! You might find 'www.nationaltrails.gov.uk' useful.
  • Thanks Snoozy. Pardon my ignorance, but where's a best place to start on the Ridgeway? ie, where is the actual ridgeway??? I'm not originally from Swindon so not really sure. I'll take a look at the nationaltrails site anyway.
  • i would have thought running away from it in a straight line, and keeping going, was the best option...

    (sorry, couldn't resist!!)
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    I followed andy's advice and ran away from it 20 years ago this month. It was an Ok place but dead after 7 years in Liverpool. I live in Eastbourne now which says a lot about me today!!!
  • Hi Chris. Look at 'section 1' of the Ridgeway on the national trails website - that should give you a better idea of where it is in relation to the villages, etc. Looking at an OS map might be helpful too - you'll get see the terrain you're letting yourself in for! As you don't know the area, it might be worth walking the routes you intend to run. I'm sure a local running club will be able to offer lots of other suggestions.

    I've found links to a couple of clubs in the area:

    www.swindonharriers.co.uk (seems to be a big club)
    http://freespace.virgin.net/raedwald.hoo/ - Amesbury Athletics Club (much smaller club)
  • Thanks Snoozy Pup. I'd found the Swindon Harriers site and was going to pay them a visit soon. Bogged down at work at the moment though and weather's taken a turn for the worse! :-(

    Think I'll go for a look around the Ridgeway this weekend though cos it's really not that far away! :)
  • Anyone know any decent grassy/soft routes in Swindon? I've got dodgey knees and am sick of the treadmill!
  • Try the Railway Path which you can follow from Sparcells to Marlborough. The best bits are west and south of town, around Old Town, up to Chiseldon and thence to Marlborough. There are special car parks in Chissy and Ogbourne St G.
  • Run JB are an official Run England running group based in Lydiard Park in West Swindon, running 8 weeks beginners running courses three times a year. See http://www.jbpersonaltraining.com/run-jb-beginners-running-swindon for more details.

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