Blisters ......... again

How do I stop blisters

I've tried Acis Nimbus 8 and 12's,
I'm now using Nike Lunar Glides and Hilly Twin Skin socks + Vaseline......

here are some I got at last years London Marathon

can I strap my feet up with something?

many thanks



  • Have you used Compeed?
    Fantastically good stuff.
  • i get blisters in the exact same place as you

    i use compeed - very very good but thats after i have the blisters

    i do cake my feet in vaseline before any run and find that my feet hold up well with decent running socks on the long runs

  • I've been suffering from blisters and so far haven't quite found a solution.

    Initially mine started late into the life of my first pair of shoes. Initially I tried some twin skin which helped a little, but didn't stop the blister. Following that I bought some new shoes which helped for a while, but the blisters eventually come back (although after about double the distance).

     I am now trying a compeed stick which I guess is similar to vasaline. My final solution will be to try compeed plasters. I want this as a last resort though based on the fact that I would need to keep buying them...

  • not sure if it would work where your blisters are but I use duck tape... i get blisters on the insides of both my big toes. Tried everything, and I mean everything.

    I duck tape them and then have gel toe covers and run in toe socks.  Duck tape cheap and lasts for ages but not sure how or if it would work for you.  Good luck

  • I definately wouldn't use duct tape if I had existing blisters - that would be quite painful to remove I imagine!
  • I think im going to try the compeed blister stick and see what happens
  • I find that compeed is very good for prevention.
  • TRIED AND TESTED TIP- Bodyglide anti-chaffing stick  RUBBED ON THE FEET and  use a wool based sock like 1000 mile performance. stopped me getting dreaded blisters during marathon training.
  • you dont use duct tape on existing blisters......image its prevention not cure
  • I use spray-on plaster to prevent blisters. It's like having an extra layer of skin on top, so that rubs off instead of your real skin.

    Make sure it dries completely though, otherwise you end up with your socks glued to your feet image

  • Lashings of Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
  •  I use Blistop for prevention, it really works!! Just spray your feet before a run. I used to suffer like you did but dont get them anymore and I wear really cheap aldi socks!!!

  • I struggle with blisters, and have been trying loads of different shoes/socks, fed up on my 4th pair of trainers in as many months now, back to the cheap neutral ones from the adidas outlet shop at cheshire oaks.

    The support in one pair ruined my feet, even with vaseline/body glide and compeed

    The stitching on others also gave me blisters

    I have soft feet and still got blisters, so toughened the skin up, still got them. used several pairs of twin skin socks

    Changed to another pair  of trainers which drops the heel and now ive got achilles tendonitis..

    Ive not had much luck in finding a pair of non blistering supportive shoes..

    What i have found is popping a blister and letting it dry out heals it quicker

    A hydrocolloid plaster, like compeed's  do also help healing but the blister will still be there/itll still be wet underneath

    A friend has informed me of some cushioning sold at boots you can stick directly onto your foot, which she swears by and wears for any run.. Sometimes you just cant win. 

     Hope you find a soloution which works for you. My quest continues. 

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