Top of thigh pain

I am currently training for a Half Marathon.

 About 2 weeks ago, my training called for threshold intervals. Since I am training on a treadmill, this has been fairly straight forward process of increasing/decreasing the speed as required. Anyway, after the run I started to feel a pain in the top of my thigh, close to the groin. This pain made walking difficult - in fact any weight I put on it was sore.

After a day or so, the pain began to subside however, another run put me back in the same position. I have now left this for about a week however, the pain still seems to be there - if I think about it. I am due to go out this evening but have decided that I'll go to the gym and do some cardio work to give it a little more time to heal.

I will next be going out on Wednesday however, my concern is that I have done something more than pulled a muscle - surely if it was just a pulled muscle it wouldn't have lasted so long.

Any ideas as to what I may have done? I really don't want to the to impede my training...

Thank you


  • Sounds like my problem Simon. 

    I put it down to my ITB again.  The problem does improve with resting and then reappears not long after.  I have recently bought a foam roller and this appears to be helping, altho my partner does have to roll me as Im far to soft to do it effectively on my own! 

    I would recommend that you see a good sports physio to get the problem checked out, and a proper diagnosis as I found out I have flat feet and they contibute to a lot of the injuries I get inc bad back.

  • I have read a couple of things about a foam roller - what is this (the only foam roller I am aware of is for painting and I can't imagine it being that!).

     I have booked myself an appointment with the doctors tomorrow morning so hopefully they will refer me to a physio. I've only got 6 weeks left before the hlaf marathon and really don't want to miss out on my training or the run itself!

    I was told at a young age that I have flat feet and I do often suffer with lower back problems, but this is the first injury I have sustained whilst running.

  • Nope its not image however didnt stop me thinking it was just like that when first mentioned to me! If the physio DOES recommend one, then heres a youtube vid.

    If they dont refer you to a physio.  Make an appointment anyway, theyre not that expensive compared to being unable to run(I pay £20 per session).  And if it makes you feel any better Ive got a HM in approx 6 weeks too and still cant run round the block without being smothered in deepheat/voltarol gel. 

    Hope you get it sorted


  • Sorry tried to post link but wont work.  Search Foam roller ITB on youtube and theres loads on there....

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