im after some advice.

Can anyone living in Canterbury or in the Kent area recommend a good podiatrist. Especially with orthotics/ custom making orthotics?

I have been wearing vasylli orthotics for many a year- but the old achilles pain is back again and I may well be at the point that premade orthotics just dont cut it anymore.


  • Hey, not in your area, but best thing I ever did was to go to Pro Feet in Fulham.

     Bit of a trek for me as live in Herts, but had custom insoles made. They are not cheap, but first pair lasted me 4 years or more, just replaced them

    Good luck

  • Thanks for the recommendation.
    It will be well worth it if I could sort my Achilles out.
    I don't think my current strategy of hoping it's going away is going to cut it!
    If I'm not careful I'm going to be meeting a disapproving orthopod to have it re attatched ! Thanks again
  • If it's been bothering you for years, go somewhere serious and get it dealt with. My suggestion would be Roehampton Uni: http://www.roehampton.ac.uk/sport-roehampton/performance-centre/other-services/index.html


    http://www.londonpodiatry.com/ (very expensive, but great reputation)

    In Ealing: 

    http://www.sportandfootworks.co.uk/ (cheaper than the above two, were recommended to me - you want Joanne)
  • Just to update you mike ( and to thank you) just returned after second trip to profeet for a second pair orthotics ????
  • Out of interest, what is the difference between running shoe orthotics and standard ones for walking?

    I put ones I got 3 yrs ago into my running shoes (they only take up half the length of the shoe) and got a massive blister on my right instep.

  • Not sure there is any- I previously had 3/4 orthotics by vasily- scholl sell similar ones in boots.

    When I put them in a neutral shoe I had exactly the same problem. Fine in a shoe with a little more support. 

    Problem with them is getting them in the right placeisn't the shoe

    If you need orthotics was v impressed with pro feet and my custom made ones


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