Which SDM for me???

Sorry to raise this one again. Does the Timex SDM need to be on your sleeve or can it go under? Is it heavy? (I've only got skinny arms)Does it not look daft?Is it easy to measure mile splits with it? Does it still work when its overcast? How accurate is the NIke SDM over the same course the next time you run it? What about battery life? Where is the cheapest place in the UK anybody has seen these to buy? Thanks a lot everyone, if you can answer any of these then I'm grateful! Nobody I've spoken to seems to know the answers and it is a tricky decision....


  • I have a timex sdm 50 lap version

    It cost me £200

    The transmitter box is about the size and weight of a computer mouse, it goes on your arm using a well made elasticated velcro strap (can be worn under clothing) or can be attached to your belt using a belt clip (this gives weaker signals though).

    It doesn't look daft, it's fine when overcast but trees/buildings/large amounts of metal(?) can affect transmission to the unit.

    The 50 lap unit does not beep to warn at mile or km splits - the 100 lap unit apparently does, so you have to keep a check on your watch and press the lap button to measure splits.

    Afterwards split info is excellent - giving pace, max speed, avge speed, time, distance etc. of each split.

    I haven't got through my first set yet but battery life is supposed to be 12 hours from the transmitter (which takes 3xAAA batteries)

    Hope that info helps - and I am well impressed with the timex SDM !
  • I agree with everything Aluaka says. I have a 50 lap as it was all there was in the shop and I had to have it there and then! I think the 100 lap is the better buy as it has alerts etc. A lot of people talk about getting them form the USA as they are cheaper in dollars than they are in pounds. I've heard people quoting 150 dollars but don't know where from. Definitely worth having though, especially if you're a freak about knowing your exact distances etc. (i.e. like me)
  • GuyGuy ✭✭✭
    I agree with what has been said. The Timex is much better than the Nike, unless you are doing all your running in heavily wooded areas, or cuttings, where you might keep losing the signal.

    Unless you are running in very open countryside, you need to wear the Timex receiver on your arm. On your belt it loses the signal too often. Unlike Aluaka I do think that the receiver looks a bit daft on your arm - but then it doesn't bother me what people think of me when I am running, so I don't really care.

    I would recommend the 100 lap version, which is the one I have. It is about £20/30 more, but its major advantage is that you can set it to alert you at each of your splits.
  • Thanks a lot Guy/Swerl/Aluaka; Looks as though the Timex is the fave; Anybody else agree/disagree before I trot off to buy one?
  • What's the speed / pace display like - I've heard it jumps about a lot so you can't really have a lot of confidence in what it tells you ?

    This has certainly been my experience of a handheld GPS - fine for measuring distance and average speed but not really any good for instantaneous velocity.

    I thought the Nike might be better in that respect since it should be a lot more sensitive to velocity although it's probably less accurate for overall distance and therefore speed.

    I measure my routes on a map using Trailgauge so the overall distance is probably as accurate as you can get but I would really like a speedo type device for speed training and thought that the Nike SDM might be most suitable for that.
  • There has been an earlier thread about problems with the Nike SDM which is worth looking up. I have had the Nike one since the beginning of the year and love it when it is working. Unfortunately there does definitely seem to be technical faults inherent in it. My first one lasted less than two months, my second one only slightly longer. I think I will just ask for my money back this time and give up on them until they have fixed the design fault.

    I now have a Timex and am getting used to that. My two regrets have been that the pace information sometimes goes very wonky and that affects the session averages, and it doesn't automatically record lap times like the Nike one does - a feature I loved.

    In summary, I do think the Nike would be a better system, but it really isn't worth getting one now. My local shop (where I bought the Timex) don't even stock the Nike SDMs because of the problems.
  • Thanks for the info everybody; One last question - has anybody seen the Timex 100 Lap at less than 197pounds as it is on Wiggle?
  • I do notice the Timex speed does jump a bit but it's better if you switch the smoothing function on. It only suffers badly when line of sight isn't too good. My main gripe is that the display's a bit small. It'd be better with the size of display my Polar S410 has.
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