Ultra-sensitivity to NOISE



  • My friend's boyfriend chomps loudly when he eats - it makes me want to strangle him.  I know this because they often invite me round for food - she is a great cook.  Double-edged sword.

    I also hate really loud message notification bleeps on mobile 'phones.  Someone here at work has their notifications set to quadraphonic inane bleep. image

  • Please amend "Loud people..." to "People in General"
  • Car alarms
    Public transport doors
    Cinema volume
    TV volume
    Loud people in general
    Loud people on phones
    Loud people eating loudly
    Thumping whir of a treadmill belt coupled with a heavy plodder
    Boy racers and their crap music blaring out of their crap cars

    filing nails

  • Another one: people who perform excavations in their mouth after they've been eating, in front of you!  I hate this.  It's disgusting.  Go to the bathroom and use dental floss. image

    OK - it's not a noise exactly, but if they suck their fingers afterwards, there's that horrible sucking, lip-smacking noise. imageimageimage

  • The only noise tht really annoys me is other people eating. Unless I'm eating at the same time...not sure why that makes a difference but it's probably because I'm distracted by it. My boyfriends jaw clicks sometimes while he eats and the sound goes right through me...I've been temped to break his jaw in the hope that the click goes away weh fixed image 

    Other noises don't bother me so much. Maybe because I've always lived in cities so I'm used to background noises. I also think the more you get annoyed by things you can't control (like noise) the more you notice it, and so the more you get annoyed by it and so on.

  • You know that error noise you get on a PC - when an error pops up?  It happens only once but there seems to be a twit in my office who gets a constant stream of them




    Oh and then people ring and think that the reason someone isn't answering their phone is because you aren't RINGING ENOUGH


  • The Pigeon laughs like a cartoon character

    Kyuck kyuck kyuck

    And LOUDLY

  • We used to have a cat that would claw at my bedroom window and miaow early in the morning to be let in. I am quite tolerant to noise but three sisters, mum and gran used to go bonkers because I would not get up and let the cat in....ha ha ha ha brings back memories.

    I understand that women tend to have more developed hearing and that for the purpose of listening for their babies crying softly or disturbed. I can understand how wearing that would be when it affects most areas of your life.

    Noise and light pollution are big problems now that the world wants to be awake 24/7. 

  • stars are disrupted by daytime headlights?

     this in turn confuses sea turtles?

     perhaps they should let someone else research the headlights.

  • I work with someone who's jaw clicks when they eat.....image
  • I work with a lady who's false teeth clack about when she chews on her lunch...then after eating the teeth come out for cleaning the gungy bits that get lodged under said dentures...she is a real treasure really...a glimpse of days gone by when a lot of the over-forties had false teethimage

    D2D...saw this scene when holidaying in Zante...the main turtle beaches were off limits after dusk but our hotel was right on the beach so we had a little peep when the full moon allowed...naughty but fascinating viewing...ah what memoriesimage 

  • I could post all day about light pollution affecting wildlife, but I'll spare you image

    Noise? Crikey. I'm partially deaf, but not deaf enough to blot out the noise of the person sitting behind me having extremely ranty conversations on their phone, slamming the phone down and then ranting at the rest of us about the conversation they've just had (which we have all heard). I find putting earphones in (without the music) helps mask some of it. I think if the entire office wore ear defenders this person might finally get the message. Failing that, I will hatch a plan on how to ram said phone quietly down said person's gullet.

  • Same here DS, I'm generally borderline deaf in everyday circumstances I find hearing things and people speak quite difficult at times.

    However I can be driven completely mad by a watch ticking at the other end of a room at night, or a tap dripping at the other end of the house. Whilst on the flip side I'm also no a fan of total silence and prefer to have something in the background so will always have the radio or something on.

    I think it may be down to the way the receptors in your ear canal pick up different frequencies so some sounds are picked up stronger than others and therefore appear louder in your head than they may really be.

  • Pleased I'm not alone Bruce - I still need to wear earplugs at night, the slightest noise drives me nuts!
  • DeliH wrote (see)     
    I work with someone who's jaw clicks when they eat.....image

     please may i join the quiet club?image
    aargh...my hubbys jaw does this and i will be honest it really drives me into insanity or as someone mentioned earlier, it makes me feel on edge and stressed more than anything.

    i hate loud t.v and am constantly snatching uo the remote and jabbibf at the minus volume. in fact the rare moments i am home alone i dont put it on.

    i HATE people whistling- again it irritates me to the highest degree.im glad im not the only one who hates noise  and noises-i was serioiusly begining to think i had some mental nervous disorder!!

    loud telephones ringing i hate. mr LLB had ours on extremely loud- it had to change. my parents have the t.v on loud and somehow manage to conduct conversations over the top of itimagethis drives me mental- really- i feel like i have to leave the room to get away from it before i scream...

  • What gets me is my husband's choice of TV programmes, which always involve screaming, smashing, shouting, bombs going off, shooting, collisions, etc.  We have one big room downstairs so there's nowhere for me to escape to for some peace unless I go up to the bedroom.  On top of that my son likes to watch cartoons that have all the same shouting, screeching, and exploding noises too!
  • I'm sensitive to noise and also smells. I think these senses are ramped up because I'm virtually blind image

    So I'm the one turning the telly down, asking my OH to stop eating noisily etc. And I'm on the scent trail of something that's died in the 'fridge which has yet to be identified. Last time it was a courgette with a beard...

  • Siance wrote (see)

     Last time it was a courgette with a beard...

    are we back onto the subject of male topiary?

  • imageimagennnnoooooooooooo
  • just found this thread.

     I used to work with a girl who would suck tomatoes (yes, suck) as an afternoon snack and also chomp on crisps.  When I asked whether she could maybe eat more quietly, she said sucking noises were a sign of appreciation.  She also ate chewing gum with her mouth open and was very, very loud and crass.  People sucking sweets noisily, people clearing out their throats after snooking down the contents of their nasal passage. a lot of other red mist forming torments have been mentioned above. oh, and whistling. snoring.

    Funnily enough, my cats meowing don't bother me in the middle of the night - no probs at all.

  • skotty wrote (see)
    Siance wrote (see)

     Last time it was a courgette with a beard...

    are we back onto the subject of male topiary?

    So nice to be back! image I won't mention the navy blue carrot then.
  • Mr Slug is currently snoring like a pig - aaarrrrgggghhhh!
  • Slugsta wrote (see)
    Mr Slug is currently snoring like a pig - aaarrrrgggghhhh!
    Pillow over his face and press very hard. Lock your elbows out.
  • hello slugsta , i bet you know as well i do the snore aids / strips avaliable for that problemo!!image

    siancce...NAVY BLUE carott??????????image

  • loulabell wrote (see)

    hello slugsta , i bet you know as well i do the snore aids / strips avaliable for that problemo!!image

    siancce...NAVY BLUE carott??????????image

    Yes. And it was a transformer carrot. It looked solid until I lifted it from the salad drawer - then morphed into slush. image
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