Ultra-sensitivity to NOISE



  • Loulabell, whistling is one of my absolute pet hates.... I can barely stand it if it's sharp and tuneful, but when it's accompanied by a blowing sound.... Aaaarrrrggggghhhhh.

    Unfortunately my mum is prone to this type of half whistle, half blow effort..... it's a good job we normally have a happy mother-daughter relationship, I may not have been responsible for my actions otherwise ! 

  • women generally have more sensitive hearing than men.

    It annoys me at training sessions where we are told to speak more loudly and project our voices.

    I always ask why? I can hear perfectly well without people needing to 'shout' If men have a problem with their hearing - their problem not mine. I don't need or want to be shouted at.

    'bout time men stopped being whimps and learnt to live in the real world.

  • Ah yes Mellow Plodder - snooking/snarking.  Disgusting.  Someone at work has perpetual snot and he does it during meetings and seems oblivious to my glares.

    I love whistling - doing it and listening to it.  I even suggested to friends that we set up a whistling choir.  Our mouths would be like cats' bums after a year of rehearsals. image

  • Siance wrote (see)
    Slugsta wrote (see)
    Mr Slug is currently snoring like a pig - aaarrrrgggghhhh!
    Pillow over his face and press very hard. Lock your elbows out.
    He refuses to wear the nasal strips - because the snoring doesn't bother him. I have been very close to Siance's solution many times! Earplugs do help though, otherwise a sharp elbow in the ribs makes me feel better image.
  • I'm definitely most sensitive to noise at night. Ticking watches or clocks have to be out of the room.  We had trouble with mice recently and the sound of them scratching away in the loft at night drove me mad. Strangely, the sound of a trap going off didn't bother me as much...

    I had one night a couple of weeks ago where I couldn't sleep at all due to the horrible scratching which sounded like it was coming from the loft just above the computer. It took me until about 5am to realise it was actually the portable hard drive.  Once I'd unplugged it I got total silence - maybe the mice have gone after all. image

  • Management has seen fit to put a photocopier in our overcrowded office, which people forget to switch off after use, despite the sign I put on it asking them to + the e-mail I sent round asking people to do this because 1 it saves on electricity and 2 it doesn't buzz annoyingly when people are trying to work.  Do they switch it off?  No.  F*ckers.
  • We have a woman who is sooo loud on the phone, and does this weird upset voice about stuff, when I first started I thought she was crying.  Once my boyfriend rang because he was broken down and stood on the side of the motorway, so I had to speak up for him to hear me.  The second I got off the phone she was round 'don't normally hear you on the phone, poor lamb broken down has he...'  wanted to punch her.  What's worse was i'd told him i'd see if my dad was around to pick him up from the garage, which she'd clearly heard, but didn't go away so I could ring him.

    My boyfriends mum irritates me too (in oh so many ways), she is literally never quiet, always talking on about completely inane things, reapeating them about 5 times, and if she's not talking she's clearing her throat (I don't know anyone who needs to clear their throat THAT much), coughing, sniffing, belching or something to in some way disturb my auditory peace.  And she has the tv really loud.

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    Brilliant thread! image

    I too can pick up tiny noises from a great distance yet sometime cannot hear what is being said in a busy restaurant or something.

    Dripping taps are a normal occurrence in our house as hubby is incapable of turning off a tap properly. I zoom in on which it is and then go "dripping tap"?? and make him go and do it - you would think he would just learn to do properly it first time image

    One thing which really gets on my wick though and I can't mention it to him is when we are both restless and can't get to sleep he breathes really heavily (through his nose), it is that breathing that can stop me getting to sleep. I think asking him to stop breathing is a bit much though image

    Oh and he plays the TV too loud as well

    But I do love him :x
  • Sniffing - aaaaaaargh
  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    My daughter in law is Chinese and she and the children sniff, I don't think the Chinese think is impolite. It drives me mad!
  • amazing thread

    I hate noise, Mr Snail is partially deaf but will not admit it, so we have to have our TV on mega loud, his phone rings and the whole street can hear it.

    Then he breathes really loud in bed, and does this horrible choking sound (and its not me with my hands around his neck!), which then develops into a loud snore.  I'm passed the playful punch and onto full domestic violence!!!!

    Our next door neighbour (joined to us) is a singer, very friggin annoying!

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