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Ok so I have just received my first bike (road tri) - Its a Specialized allez 16.

I was aware that it came with stock pedals and so I purchase the following:-


However they appear not to fit and I am not wanting to force them into the screw threads! Perhaps it is me being over protective of my new pride and joy but is it a case of just pushing a little harder - I have only tride screwing them in by hand thus far.

Also still trying to understand about this whole cleat shoe thing - not sure what I am looking for in order to go with the pedals in the link above.


  • NS - make sure the pedal is going on the correct side!! they should be marked R and L (if it helps this means the black part of the pedal is at the rear). try the threads gently until you get the feel and then you'll see how they go in as one of them is anticlockwise. PS - there should be instructions in the box as well!!

    also - use some antibind compound on the threads (grease, copper slip etc) and whatever you do, do NOT overtighten - finger tight is fine. overtightening without any antibind, can cause great difficulties when you need to get them off (if you've ever had to drill a set out, you never want to go through that again! yes - has happened to me in my early days)
  • Brilliant, I will give it a go - I know there is a lot of complicated stuff around Tri's but I didnt think the bloody pedal holes woulkd be my first issue!

    Thanks FB

  • They WILL fit. AFAIK - theres only one type of thread for pedals/cranks.

    1. Make sure that you are putting the Right pedal in the Right crank. And left into the left.

    2. Make sure they are lined up correctly - if they're at a wonky angle and you force it - you could strip the thread.

    3. Add a little bit of anti seize (grease with copper particles) onto the threads or you may have a problem removing them later.

    4. Left Pedal goes on anticlockwise,  Right pedal goes on clockwise.

    As to cleats - only the SPD SL cleats will fit that pedal, and make sure that your shoes are compatible, i'd say most of them are though. Did the pedals not come with cleats ?

  • Aah beaten by FB !
  • image Also be warned practice going in and out of the pedels for a bit before hitting the road. Everyone forgets to unclip at the first set of traffic lights they come across. image
  • useful video here

    he's fitting MTB pedals but the principle's exactly the same - although I would suggest he is overtightening
  • Brilliant - and No - no cleats with the Pedals. But you guys have answered my questions perfectly so I look forward to getting home and testing it out!

    I have heard many people fall foul of the first set of traffic lights....... watch this space! lol

    Thanks guys

  • They should have come with a pair of cleats.  Check the box.

  • Brilliant, I will give it a go - I know there is a lot of complicated stuff around Tri's but I didnt think the bloody pedal holes woulkd be my first issue!

    Thanks FB

  • not sure why that reposeted. I will check the box, fairly sure nothing else in there apart from some leaflets

  • Sounds like someones nicked the cleats then. All the pedals I've had come with cleats.
  • in fairness - what do they look like?

  • ok just looked online - definately nothign like that in the box - I will contact the seller.


  • if you bought them from Evans as the link in your OP would indicate then they should ship with the cleats - see Q&A

    check the box again before you ring them!
  • Tip, when you screw the pedals onto the crank arms they only need to go on hand tight (unless you never want to get them off!), the thread opposes the pedal action so they wont come lose.
  • Yeah you guys are totally right - it should of come with Cleats - Need to get on to them tomorrow. Just to figure out a pair of shoes that are compatiable now - I have a £50 Evans voucher - so if anyone can recommend a pair for around this price that are compatiable with the pedals and cleats above then that would be good.
  • Again, looking at the Q & A, there is a recommendation.  Although the ones recommended are no longer in stock, Evans suggest suitable alternatives.  And they seem to be in the price range you are looking for too image
  • Brilliant - I can see that now - except none in Size 10! Typical!

  • I would strongly recommend trying on cycling shoes before buying them.  Sizing can be a bit random.
  • Go and try some on in a shop, find your size, then look for a good price online! A decent bike shop will often match the online price. Sizing can be random - i'm a size 7 shoe but needed a size 8 for my shimano Ro86 shoes.
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