Running Shoes - Foot Pain

Hi I am 18 and have been weight training for almost 2 years, I have added a lot of mass to my body which I am pleased with and now im looking to cut off a little fat on my stomach to show my abs.

Ive been running a few months back and It seemed my body was limited by my aerobic fitness more than anything else.

Ive been running for around 2 weeks now and im planning on carrying this on to keep my aerobic fitness up and burn fat. However I have run into a problem, when running i get a painful burning all over the bottom of my feet but mainly on the outside of the foot and the inner arch, this didnt happen before and im guessing i may need some running shoes? Im pretty sure I am not flat footed and i have never had thi problem before when playing sport.

My current shoes are just adidas trainers:

Will new shoes stop the problem?

Thanks in advance, Ash


  • It's very possible that running in those shoes is causing pain.

    The standard advice is to go to a specialist running shop; have them analyse your gait; and recommend a range of possible shoes. That first pair might cost a little more, but it'll be well worth the advice that comes with it.

    Good luck!

  • i have heard of Apprentice's Foot where young guns out of schooling spend new time standing up for most of the day causing sole and heel ache. I think I had some Brooks ebay snide shoes as my heel was very sore but a new pair of Asiscs Evolution 5s and the pain is all but gone. Make sure shoes suit your gait
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  • Ive been running now for a week and every time i run im getting pain on the bottom of my feet and on the out side im wearing running shoes what should i do?

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