LDWA Punchbowl - help!

I'm after a garmin GPX file for the route.  Has anyone run this in the past with a garmin on that could save their GPX route and email me....

Many thanks in advance.


  • PSC I think* the course changes slightly every year so I don't think a garmin route would do you any good. I wouldn't worry if it's the nav you're concerned about, it really is fairly easy to follow LDWA directions and besides unless you're a complete racing snake there's usually someone to follow

        * I know it's hard to believe but it's true

  • cheers Lirish... I've already checked the route cards and there is hardly any diference to last year.  I'm more after it to play with a new toy.  well maybe not so new - I got an Garmin Oregon for Chrimbo and thought it would be fun to follow the route on the screen. image
  • One option is to go to http://www.bikehike.co.uk/mapview.php, plot your course from the route card and then download it to the gps.
    It's a great site to use as you can see the satellite and OS maps side by side, which is handy for clarifying stuff.
  • I would agree with Ian M and use bikehike. I have the middle section of the 30m (Tilford to Moat CP) on Runmeter but not sure how to download as its a new toy. Probably quicker to do whole thing via bikehike.

    Course has changed slightly from 2 years ago it seems but only slightly. Road map is very good. Only tricky sections are coming off Punchbowl and around Rodsall.

    Enjoy the run!!
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