Water Retention

OK I know that some people have said I drink too much water.  I tend to "glow" - A LOT.  I live in South Africa and I have always sweated a lot.  I have always taking in a lot of water to compensate.

Many of you may have noticed that I was a teeny bit unhappy because it seemed like I had put on weight during my intense exercise slash eating healthy do.

I drink on average 3L of water a day (I live in SA, which is hotter - take into consideration).

However, last night I went for a 10km run.  I weighed myself before the run and then after the run and lost 3.5kgs.

I ran 10kms this morning and am down another 1.5 kgs.

The total water loss then from last night and today is around 3.5 - 4kgs.

How on earth can I retain that much water?  I am wheat intolerant, so I don't eat wheat - at all.  I have stopped adding salt to my diet.  I only cook my food from scratch - nothing is bought as a ready-meal. 

How I do I stop the water retention?  Drink less?


  • so you think you lost 3.5kg last + 1.5kgs this morning - that is a total of 5 kgs which is about 11lbs (2.2lbs to 1 Kg) in old money or almost a stone?  I'd think that your scales are inaccurate. 

    I always thought that the way to get rid of water retention is to drink more not less but I've never suffered from it so.......

    TBH I wouldn't worry about it too much - as long as you feel healthy.  I know I lose about 2 - 3 lbs after I've been running but certainly don't weigh my self before and after.  I'd expect you to lose more due to where you live maybe so maybe your scales are out by only a little?  Don't get hung up on it and I wouldn't think that you're drinking too much at 3L a day.  I drink 2L on average here in cold old GB. 

  • Nope my scales aren't inaccurate - I tend to lose on average 2kgs after running for 45 mins.

    There was some advice given that to work out how much water you lose in sweat, you should weigh yourself before and after running.

    They did suggest a couple pounds difference, but 4-5kgs seems excessive.

    My mom is going to do some blood tests and stuff on me for sugar levels and stuff.  Just to be sure

  • PO - although I'm a bloke - it could be hormonal water retention??? time of the month kind of thing??

    my missus used to see this on occasions (she's post menopausal now so isn't affected) when she would feel bloated around mid-cycle although her diet hadn't changed. not every month, just on occasions. it got so bad at times she would resort to some mild diuretics to clear it out.

    just a thought
  • 2kgs after 45 mins running isn't too bad - thats only 4lbs.  I can lose 2-3lbs after running 45 mins to an hour. 

    Just a question...... you lose say for eg 3kgs after running - do you then put the weight back on after rehydrating?

    Agree with FB on the monthly issue. 

    I still don't think you've a problem (though obviously don't know for sure) but between running your evening run and losing 3.5kg and your morning run and losing 1.5kgs did you rehydrate?  it seems a haphazard thing - you ran the same distances but there was a marked difference between the 2 weight losses?  I dunno...... it does seem odd!

  • Now, I read that all the other way round - that you're not retaining water, but that you lose BUCKETS when you run.  Which means you end up dehydrated for a while, until you successfully rehydrate.  And no wonder that you are thirsty all the time if you are losing that much water during a run!

    I can lose easily a kilo in weight between evening and morning - you expect that as overnight you digest the food you have eaten during the day and its water mass is lost as it is compacted.  Then you 'remove' it.  An easy change.

     Don't get hung up on what you are doing, compared to other people, living in totally different parts of the world.  If your wee is pale coloured, you are well hydrated, if it is straw coloured or darker, you are dehydrated.  Eating healthily doesn't always mean less calories (I've managed to do it and up calories, once I add in hummus, nuts, seeds, smoothies, etc) and if your calories in are the same as those you burn, you won't lose weight.  Its a balancing game.

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