Bupa Great North Run 13.1 2011

Looks like the Money has gone from my account. Any good hotel deals or camp sites from people who have ran it before?


  • Hi Luke,

    I have done it the past two years and have stopped at Fellcroft B& B in Corbridge.

    Mrs Brown who runs this B&B is extremely so very nice and helpful and I wouldn't hesitateto stay there again.

    I have  decided not to enter this years run so sure there would be vacancies.

     For a double room with early breakfast  was £60.00,

    The B&B is very clean and cannot find any fault with the service, even helping with directions on were to park in the morning away from thenormals crowds.

    Last year we got travelled from Birmingham to Newcastle by train, the hotel is about 300 yards from a trainline and on the Sunday we got a taxi (booked by Mrs Brown) from Corbridge to the start line and it cost £30.00.

    Once finished the run we got the train from Newcastle back to Birmingham.

    I looked into booking hotels in Newcastle and price is from £150.00 to £200.00


  • Thanks Andy just found a hotel at the airport for 100 rips an booked it although might cancel and look at your alternative.


  • I have booked a family room at the Ocean View B&B in Hartlepool.  £60 B&B for the four of us.  The hotels that are available closer were just too expensive.  It is 33 miles away but it is on our route up so we dont mind a little drive in the morning.  We have 2 children with us so we will be up early anyway!
  • For the last 2 years I have stayed in Newcastle University accomodation.  2 years ago was 2 metro stops from the start, last year was 10 minutes walk away.

     Single room including breakfast £27 pppn.  No minimum stays, so if you only want the one night this is good.  Breakfast was fine.  Enough for me and my non running travel companions.

  • We are staying at the Brandling guest house  near the start I believe?  Never been to Newcastle before so fingers crossed I have booked well..... LOL
  • Hi Luke, I use Nirvana.

    They specialise in the GNR.

    For £100 this year I have b & b at Collongwood College, a pasta party on Saturday night for £5 ( well worth it ) and transport to the start and from the finish area back to Collingwood.

    I have used Nirvana for 5 years and never been let down.

    ps I travel by car to the college from Manchester

    Hope this helps.

  • Hmmm I have managed to get a place this year - my first ever! Although not had any luck on the hotel / B&B front, I can't bring myself to pay more for the hotel than my entry fee - and all that additional monies could be put towards my charity!

    My OH said he will drive me & a lucky friend Sunday morning - we're travelling from Blackpool - i'm guessing this isn't the best option but has anyone had any experience of doing it this way, or is the £200 a night in a hotel worth it?

  • we are driving up from Devon, the day before and driving back the day after.  If you can hotel the night before it must be better for you.
  • Gemma, using Nirvana may seem expensive but it takes ALL the hassle out of the day to allow you to enjoy an amazing experiance.

    View them on the web,

  • Runnerbean, have you made arrangements to get back to your hotel from the finish?.

  • LOL nope, my husband and I run different paces so will hopefully meet up and get the metro back.
  •    we too use The Newcastle Leas university, its just what you need, its only 5 minutes from the start, so if like last year you can see its pouring with rain rather than waiting around in the wet for ages you can stay in the warm and leave later. Also its full of Joggers so the atmosphere is brill, they put on a Pasta meal option for £7 for the night before which is well worth it.

              My wife has missed out on the Ballot again I need to find her a charity place thats not going to break the bank any suggestions ?

  • The rainbow trust want £300 so worth a look.
  •    Will do I think Scope want £200 both are worthy charities
  • i did this race last year - what can i say amazzzzzing - the best day of my life - so glad i got in agai this yr and am stayin at the same hotel

    Hotel: Park Hotel Tynemouth

    its 20 min drive to metro then walked to the start for 5 mins - hotel nowt fancy but only £75 a night and think they have rooms avail - it is on the beach which iis very nice 

    good luck all

  • gemma , par for the course i'm afraid .

    the hoteliers have got a bit of a captive audience so they charge as much as they like , knowing that if you dont want to pay it , there is someone behind you who will .

    my advice would be to bite the bullet and pay the money .

    we travel up from cov and stay for the saturday and sunday night . you get to have a nice chilled evening on the saturday knowing that you dont have to get up too early to travel god know's how many miles , which isn't the best preperation . after finishing the race , it's straight off to the beer tent ( to re-hydrate ofcourse ! ) , metro back to newcastle and then out on the lash to celebrate ! it's a quality atmosphere in newcastle on the sunday as the runners take over the town and i promise you you will get talking to other runners from all over the country and will generally be buzzing .

    this year will be my 10th great north and i wouldn't have it any other way .

    enjoy image !!!

  •      Gemma I'd still concider Newcastle Leas University at £27 bed and breakfast its only 5 mins from the start why break the bank ?
  • I live in South Shields and I am doing the run. I have a spare double bed that would suite couple or single runner needing accommodation. I have off road parking and I get the Metro to the start line at Newcastle for about £4. I would be willing to let my room out including breakfast for a £60 (couple) £30 (single) donation to The Great North Children's Hospital who I am running for this year. Please reply to this if you are interested (or send me a PM if possible I am not sure if you can PM on this site)

    Good luck everyone image

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