Coniston 14 + 2011

Anyone doing this event this year?

 I took part for the1st time lat year and thurougly enjoyed it. Scenic lap off lake coniston.

Race is normally 14miles i believe, but last year and also this year a bridge is damaged on the route pushing the distance up to 16.8miles.

managed 2hr 9mins last year.. hoping to go slightly better this year


  • No not Doing it this year, this run is a superb run lakeland fells  superb vievs, did it in 1988  @ 26 now 48 seems a  life time ago, came  Just behind Fred Reeves  in  74 mins
  • 1988... i was 2 image haha

    have to agree.. views were amazing

  • What time are you aiming for this year, Ime afraid i would have to cycle round to do my 74mins  now
  • well its 16.8 miles again this year so to be honest just anything slightly better than last year would be great. I believe i averaged 7.40 m/m's last year.. hopefully try and aim for 7.30's and see how i get on. Training is going well, done 12.5 last weekend and feeling alot fitter than i was last year.
  • I'm in Darren - though you won't see me - I'll be at the back! I'll probably be nearer 2.5 hours but will be enjoying the views! image
  • thought it was only 13.4 miles better up my training then and keep off thr vino

  • yes i t's i beleive 16.8 miles now, which would make it better

    superb event in ever way possible

    we did the old 14 on 3 occasions,

    2 of those occasions, on the way home on the Sunday we popped into stafford and run the HM


  • I don't think the run is too close to the marathon, you should have around a 2 hour run the week before the marathon, i'm doing this as mine.

  • If I was doing a marathon the week after, I would not do it.

    You can have a 2 hour run the week before a marathon (although I prefer 90min.) but this is a 2 hour race.

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