Hand injury.....

Have sprained my finger. Hence crap typing.

I know it's pathetic but can't face running even tho I have a race in 2 weeks and would actually love to train. (i.e. legs want to but brain says no)

I just thnk that every jolt on the pavement wd be painful. Anyone any exp of running w hand injuries? Any tips? Treadmill? 

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  • Have a few days of  RICE, then stop being a wimp if possible.
    In December I fell and broke wrist in 4 places, arm put  in fibreglass cast, took pain killers, went to gym and did walk/run for 20-30 mins, also cycled in gym but couldnot put hand on bars. The doc had agreed this was a sane plan as I have a duathlon in April and sprint tri in May.

    Warning, make sure you hold hand away from body enough so you donot catch it against clothing or body as arms swings - it will hurt- I know from experience.

    I am now outside running as normal but still having physio on wrist, all is not lost.

  • thanks that really helps

    walk run good idea. it's a hill race and i am fixated on hill reps but perhaps walk run better idea. have static bike at home ccd try that. 

     will try to go out for a short while tomorrow. guess better some training even if not training in schedule

  • Your PMA is good, just try to think of it as a long taper, as there is only 2 weeks to go. But there again if it was me and a hill race I would not have entered it in the first place. Anything is better than sitting around being a couch potato.
  • HTFU.

    Go and run and see if its painful. I doubt it will be though.

  • Thanks all. Went yesterday. It was fine. Hill race is saved.

    PS Speedy, you don't sound like a couch potato....

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