CNP Pro Fuel

I sent the wife ouit today to replenish my supplies of Rego Recovery which I have been using for some time as a post run carb and protein boost.

She went to a specialist sports shop and was persuaded to buy a big tub of CNP Pro fuel by the guy there who said it was the same, and "all the runners use it, and skateboarders too"

Not sure what the skater dudes have got to do with it .....or why they need carbs but there you go!

I've had a read of the label and the only way it differs from Rego is:

It has 95g or carbs instead of 62g per 100ml.

It has no protein content at all, and no sodium contant at all, whereas the Rego has 26g and 2.9g respectively.

Rego also has 1.7g of fat and the CNP none.

My question is has anyone else tried / used this and what are your thoughts?

I was under the impression that a good recovery drink should have some protein at least? A google search suggets its marketed for those lookign to boost calorific intake and gain weight - which I'm not, (cant say for the skaterboys though).. however, its has just about the same calories as Rego.....

 Has the wife beedn fobbed off with a load of tosh from the bodybuilder chap in the shop, or is this stuff any use to runners?



  • If you haven't got any rego - milkshake is pretty close to it. Not sure about your magic powder - I thought you needed protein and carbs too.
  • its not the same. cnp pro recover is more comparable to rego recovery.

    pro fuel is just maltrodexin (carbs). runners/cyclist use it to replenish glycogen -  if you want protein  you just mix it with protein.

     im sure theres instructions on the pro fuel container image

  • yeah i think the recomended balance is 1/3 protein to carbs - 20g protein to 60 carbs.  i skip the expensive powders and go with milkshakes myself. 
  • Nope - No instructions other than 50g scoop of cnp to 500ml of water which is the same as the rego.

    How on earth do I add protein though?

    The box seems to promote it as a weight gain product, presumably for bodybuilders. Says its an ideal way of getting extra calories in, which is not something I particularly want to do! Having said that, the ingredients are so simillar to Rego just without the protein.

    Its also cheaper! (£10 for 1.5kg as opposed to £7 for 500g)

    i was just curious to know if anyone esle has used this as a runner

  •  Garry Porch 2 wrote (see)

    yeah i think the recomended balance is 1/3 protein to carbs - 20g protein to 60 carbs.  i skip the expensive powders and go with milkshakes myself. 
     you dont need 1:3. some protein helps but 1:6 would be fine

     pro fuel is an easy way to get extra clories. its liquid carbohydrates!!!! its complex carbs but with high GI. so its perfect straight after hard exercise

    you can mix it with protein powder or get another protein source. eg chicken breats image

    the guy in the shop was right to tell you its used by runners but its not a like-for-like product

  • Wow Amy you must like it.

    You have only posted 4 times on RW and every single one has been spam adverts for your product.

    Hmmmmm.. I think i'll avoid it like the plague now!

  • It's good stuff even just for getting some carbs in a few hours before a race as it gives the carbs without the heavy stomach. Also as for the protein to mix it with

    Very high value and good protein can't really fall off at 190 servings for about 45 quid. Just put your carb powder in the shaker when you put the protein in
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