Nicely on track in my VLM training and today I get struck down with mumps image

Just woke up with swollen face so off to the docs thinking it was an allergy and I've been told it's suspected mumps. The word 'suspected' gives me hope I'll be ok in a few days but I have to isolate myself for 5 days just in case so I don't infect anyone.

No LSR on Sunday image I don't feel too bad at the moment but my friend had it last year and got sidelined for three weeks image I am crossing my fingers that doesn't happen.

Anyone else had it as an adult??


  • Yes, I had it really badly.

    The whole of my neck and face swelled so much my chin literally disappeared. I was ill for about 10 days and my salivary glands effectively stopped working for about 2 weeks afterwards too and I had to sip water every few minutes to keep my mouth moist. 

    Hopefully yours won't be too bad but be prepared for what could be quite a long layoff. Terrible timing I know!

    Hope you feel better soon. 


  • Ahhh MK that is rubbish! I know it doesnt help at the moment but you have some time to decide if you need to defer or not.

    Hope you feel better soon! 

  • Just seeing that word defer makes me sad Curly45 image

    Screamapillar - I hope it's not going to be too bad, I was immunised but apparently that only stops how bad you get it, not protects you. Were you immunised?

    Day one so crossing fingers it'll be ok.....
  • You might be lucky and not have to anyway, but you know there will be many other years of running and many many other marathons! You could always carry your fitness through to an autumn one for example. 

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you anyway image

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