Silly Question

Can someone please explain to me what and Age Grouper is?


  • in a race you have 'elites' and age groupers.

    age groupers are normal people competing with other people in their age group!!
  • In theory it's everyone who isn't a professional triathlete.  In practice it's only really used to differentiate between a pro and some of the very fast amateurs.
  • and age groups go in 5 year blocks

    for adults it goes Group D - 20-24, then E - 20-24, F - 25-29 etc. below D are the junior categories with A - 15/16. and then Tristar cats below them - youngest you can race is 8.

    when I get the time, I'm going to try to revive the Clydesdale classes - which are ranked by age AND weight so us large ones can compare against other large ones rather than just against the skinny whippets like CD.....
  • met a guy in lanzarote he was a age group for 65-70 (i think). he said he ranked 9th in the world chapionships, and he jokely saying there is only 12 of them in it and can't wait to be in the 70 plus group......
  • So there's hope for Plum yet then ?
  • not while I'm around.... image
  • Awesome - but makes me feel old - dare I ask what group a 31 year old is in!? LOL

    Thanks for clarifying that guys.

  • it would be 30-34
  • "Awesome - but makes me feel old"

    Old? you're one of the younger ones around these parts!

    group F by the way - I'm K
  • those biys are pretty slow compared to the 40 -45s

    thats where the real competition is! image

  • I meant to say boys, but bi's  might be applicable.....


  • Oh great, i'm going into the 40-45 category this year! Might try to blag being 80 instead..........
  • there's just more of us... mid life crisis stuff and all that.....
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