Training for Edinburgh 2011


Im following this training plan for Edinburgh 2011, which will be my 2nd marathon.

Training is tough but im combining it with kettle bell workouts 2/3 times a week as a strength workout and im already feeling the benefits.  Im aiming for a race pace of around 8.40min/mi which based on my LSR times seems like its going to be achieveable.  Ive always been more of a slow-and-steady runner but recently, the tempo, interval and hill sessions in the training plan have drastically improved my speed over a 10k distance and im feeling stronger and faster on the LSR's too.

Anyway, not to go on too much, looking at the schedule can someone please clarify what 'with strides' means on the training sessions. (see session: wk 5, Sat)

Also if anyone has used this training plan and has any other comments/suggestions id be glad to hear them.



  • Strides are short fast bursts. Over about 100m pick up the pace over the first third until you are almost sprinting, maintain it for the second third, then slow back down over the last third. You could maybe do 4 towards the end of the run.
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