Watt Bike Update

Wel I'm half way through the loan period and I had my assessment done last Thursday.

The program I have been folllowing is 4 sessions a week consisting of 2 longish in zone 2, 1 short in zone 3 and 1 pedal technique. I wasn't really that enthusastic before xmas but I have followed the program religously since xmas.

I went up to evesham on Thursday to have an assessment with another of the winners and also a 38 yr old GB age group olympic athlete (ex rower).

I am pleased to say there was lots of improvement. My pedal technique was massively improved and my max power over 3 minutes went from 192 to 224. I was amazed at the increase of the max power as I really didn't think the low heart training would make any difference. Anyway now I'm a convert, I knew others swore by it but I always thought it wouldn't work for me and never had the patience to stick to it. The sports scientsist said to me his mantra is "the easy should be easy and the hard should be hard".. So its lots of zone 2 training for me from now on.

Rebecca (the age group athlete) was amazing. I have never seen anyone work so hard over three minutes when we did the three minute max test, she was screaming at the end and poured sweat. Her wattage was 346 and mine was 224!

So all in all I am very pleased, lets just hope it makes a difference when I get on the road!


  • Good progress IPM. Will be interesting to see how the training transpires to the road. Do you do any road tests along the way?
  •  Top work Purple, do you reckon they will let you keep the watt bike at the end?
  • Sounds good IPM.   What's the pedal technique session you are doing ?
  • wow thats a great improvement...image
  • ex-rower? They really know how to hurt themselves. Some of them row so hard that their body shuts off blood supply to their eyes as it is not required. They can't see but still keep pulling on the oars!

    Do not try this on a bike!

  • Had a little play on the Wattbike at the TCR show yesterday. I  can really see how it would help.

    It was very noticeable how focusing on pedalling smoothly affects power through the stroke.  We didnt look much at power but I could see me becoming fixated on pedal smoothness during a session, especially when you got tired.

    Great improvement PIM, am hoping my attempts at pedal technique and one legged drills will help my form and power, though wont have the luxury of quantifying it on a Wattbike!

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