Talkback: Losing Weight: Snacking

I've recently started using 'Graze boxes' these are pre-packed (and portion controlled!) snacks that include healthy options such as dried fruit and nuts.

 You can tailor the choices to your own specific needs and this enables you to be as good, or otherwise, as you want!  there are a range of options - including flapjacks and the odd chocolate treat (always with nuts and fruit) if you need that hit to keep you going.


  • dried fruit and nuts aren't very helpful for weight loss though are they...............they are both highly packed in calories.better than pie and chips i agree but there are other better alternatives
  • Marks and spencer do healthy pretzels and popcorn. Less than 100 calories and minimal saturated fat - salt intake isn't too high either.
  • Did you forget to mention you'll get money off if people use that code? image Seriously, I don't think nutrition wise Graze boxes are that great.
  • And you also forgot to mention that people will need to input their credit card details into the website.  Not sure whether it was a mistake or not, but a friend went for a free box and then Graze starting debiting her card and delivering boxes.  She only wanted the freebie.

  • Little Ninja wrote (see)
    Seriously, I don't think nutrition wise Graze boxes are that great.
    I think it's the same thing as most foods.  A little every now and then does no harm, but that's not poss with a Graze box - you either have a regular delivery or not, altho it seems the do fortnightly deliveries.
  • Is Oat cake with peanut butter a good healthy alternative for snacking?
  • Snacking is my absolute killer... when i get out of the office at lunch for a walk i always opt for my healthy activia yoghurt but to accompany it they'll be a little pack of chocolate or even worse a pack of doritos... the shops around my office have even started doing 3 bars of chocolate for £1... you can imagine how that goes down with a chocoholic like myself!

     Anyone got some tasty alternatives??

     I'm currently tipping the scales at 81kg, but would ideally like to get those extra 2-3kg off and get consistently below the 80kg mark!

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