The Legends of Sherwood 10K

Has anyone done one of these night runs before? I am very tempted to give it a go!


  • Hi Yvonne,

    I haven't done one before but am doing this one! There's a few of us that hang out on the 'Mundane' thread in Clubhouse that are doing it.

    It sounds like a totally mad race but should be a lot of fun. It will be a case of bimbling round in one piece for me as I have a 10k road race the following morning.

  • anyone have any idea of the type of 'obstacles' they are talking about. Sounds like a right laugh, but not sure how good I am at scrambling over walls etc!
  • Thanks Saffy - it does sound good fun! Is there anyone on the Mundance thread from Coventry who would like to car share would you know?

    Btw 10k the following day! You really are putting everyone else to shame!

  • I can assure you the 10k the next day is only as a result of bad planning image

    Not sure whether Bookworm on the Mundane thread will be travelling from Coventry. I'll try and find out for you.

    Hannah, I'm not too sure what the obstacles are. I've looked on the website and get the impression there may bit a bit of a stream at some point and also a few things to scramble over image

  • Thanks Saffy that would be great!
  • £25.00! I don't think so!


  • The details say it really a night run?


  • I'm going to be there! The plan is to dress fancy and just get round. Should be fun and a great night afterwards.
  • As a rookie, I am only doing a 5k this time. Might find a courage to dress as a Batgirl though image
  • this is a new one but done the mighty deer stalker, which is the first in the notorious night runs series, 4 times now! should be great fun, with a few surprises (water, usually, but balance beams and other such obstacles may feature...) thrown in - the party after the mds is usually mayhem as well!

  • The Best Event in May TrailBlazer in Worksop with Medal,T Shirt & Goody Bag.Well Organised.Start from 10am to 12.30pm if you feel upto it and friendly?
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