help with Reebok TR3 PowerRun


Please can anyone help me, i have a Reebok TR3 PowerRun but have lost the manual for it.  The belt has started slipping forward when i am running and i am at a loss as too what is causing it or how to rectify.  Any advice would be greatfully recieved.


  • Hi - i havent got your model but the usual cause for slipping is due to the rear roller needing adjusting. The belt stretches with age, so you need to wind the roller back a bit to put some tension back into it.

    Along the side of your treadmill should be a side plate on each side. go to the end furthest from the front and there will be a pair of end caps. Get down on the floor an have a look at those caps and you should see an Allen head bolt in each. Turn the bolt half a turnclockwise and try the treadmill again  -Repeat the procedure for each end cap, by half a turn at a time until the tension comes back into it

    I hope thats clear!

  • hi has anyone got a manual for the tr3 reekboc powerrun treadmill, i am looking to move it to another location and dont know how to take it apart to do so.


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