Knee pain

Covered 11k on Saturday with no real issues, woke up on Sunday morning and couldnt put any weight on my right leg, outside lateral area of knee was very sore, its eased as the day has gone on and managed to walk a mile in the afternoon which eased it off.

The pain is felt the most when coming down the stairs as my leg bears my weight being lowered.

Any ideas as to whats happened??


  • Did you ever find out what did this? I've got the same thing after my first 50K yesterday...
  • Am no expert but could be stiffness in your Vastus Lateralis muscle causing referred pain

    if thats the problem then massage in the trigger points shown here will help

  • Hi Max's Mum: yes, seems likely to be that - or what's mostly known as ITB syndrome. Already done my first session lying on a rolling pin. Better that than a ligament tear!
  • I usually steal a tennis ball from the dog, they make good massagers too!
  • IT Bands for sure. Foam ROLLER ROLLER ROLLER! Works every time. Down toside of legs, hurts like hell but instant relief and you'll be running again same day!
  • Max's Mum: when i find the tennis ball (I have one somewhere) I'll use it. Meanwhile, I got my husband to massage the outside of the thigh yesterday evening, not too vigorously, and it's much better this morning. Actually I suspect that with this being an acute (short term) versus a chronic problem, too vigorous rolling might be the wrong treatment. I'll have a sports massage session next Monday if it's not better by then - but it's so much better already, that I'm hopeful I'll be back running by tomorrow.
  • foam rollers are the best. Tennis balls/golfs balls I find a bit hard. Anytime I get tight, I roller and it's gone again. It's just a great way of loosening the tendon so as it doesn't tighten and affect your knee. Friend of mine had exact same problem, got him on the foam and he was fine. It's just about maintenance, sports massage will help but it's the same thing really.
    Some stretches are good:
    Or treat yourself, don't fear the foam, buy one and see it work some magic!
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