Talkback: Banana and peanut butter muffins

YUM!  Made these yesterday and am now enjoying eating one after a hard hill session this morning.  I put in extra peanut butter and banana and am thinking I might add honey next time.


  • these are so yummy one of my cheerleaders made them for a 7 hour training session was all i ate and felt full and ready to go! x
  • Delicious pre-run energy boost - I made them smaller so they could be eaten quite close to a long run, and would definitely add more peanut butter and more banana next time to make them moister (after three days they became very dry).
  • Just made these muffins after seeing recipe today.  Very nice and fluffy but could do with more peanut butter and banana for extra flavour.  Going to hand them out to my friends pre circuits class tomorrow morning!
  • These are fab.  I make them all the time and my family love them as well.  That and my other staple - banana loaf image
  • i made these at the weekend...i added more peanut butter than suggested and an extra banana to the mixture...i did find the first batch a wee bit dry( maybe cos i used gluten free self raising flour), so the batch i made today, i added some honey....(my friend added maple syrup) made them a bit moister and they were truly yummy...i have frozen some, so i can take to work for my breakfast! image 
  • First batch are OK - just a bit bland, I think I'll add some honey next time.
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