Indian Queens Half-Marathon

Hi Guys,

 I'm a newbie to running!  and i love it!!! I've also decided to do the Indian Queens Half Marathon image  Are there any other's out there thinking about doing it? Would be great to chat about training and see how your getting on.  I have no idea how to train for this and I was just looking for some hints and tips.  Also i have no idea what to expect on the day and how hard it's going to be!!

 Hope to hear from someone soon, just so i know i'm not alone!

 Speak Soon

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  • Hi Karen,

    Done this race a few times, it's a nice low key run, a little off road as well but not to bad, overall it's pretty flat.

    You have plenty of time to train as it's not till august so slowly bud up your long run until 2-3 weeks before, then u should be up to distance. Maybe try some other races before hand, if you are Devon/ Cornwall based check out www.tamartrotters.couk for the race diary, they also have entry forms.

    Have a listen to a free podcast called marathon talk, you can download it off iTunes, plenty of good running tips for all runners on there.

    Good luck
  • Hi Karen,

    Just sent off my entry - started running last year, was convinced by a friend that I should do Cardiff half with her, not a lot of training - about 2 x 7 milers and 2 x 9 (hilly) milers and a couple of 3-4 milers per week either on the road or through hashing via Plympton Hash House Harriers.

    Got round in 2hrs 27min (my friend didn't race!), managed to run up to mile 8 (couldnt get anywhere near that in training) then walk/ran the rest, struggled around mile 10, but really enjoyed most of it!! Of course Cardiff is know for being flat, so I think Indian Queens will be more different. Needed to have something to train for as I've only just back into running again since christmas. 

    Hows your training going?


  • Hi Caz

     Well done on the 2.27 in Cardiff! That's very good!!! My training is going ok so far, I'm at about a 10 to 11 min mile at the mo but want to get that down to 9min's by August. 

    I'm going to see a friend who lives in Indian Queens in May and my husband knows the route so we're going to have a look at it to see what i'm up against.  i hope the hill's are small as i dont get on with them!  Park run has recently come to Bristol and it's in Ashton Court every Saturday, 5k and half of it is up hill (it's a killer!!).  are you from Bristol or near? if so give it a go...


  • Hi Karen 

    I live near Plymouth, nearest Park run is Exeter which is about an hour away image, but thanks for the link I've never heard of that before. I'd love to know what you think of the course and what the hills are like!! I don't mind hills too much - if they are too steep i'll walk, love the downs though!  Has your husband done the course as he knows it?

    Your training sounds like its going well, the park run scheme looks a good way to see improvements. Do you run with a club? My aim for this half is to get round in under 2.15!! So I'm planning on putting much more training in than I did for Cardiff!


  • Hi guys

    Just noticed this one. There is a new parkrun in Plymouth now. Takes place every Saturday at Plym Bridge located in the meadow next to the car park


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