Spen 20



  • Sorry about that Treadmill. If it's any consolation, I'd misled myself into thinking there was a flat bit too!

    As I was cussing my way up that really steep bit, one of the marshalls shouted "I thought you was used to hills in Todmorden". Hmmm, yes, used to never finding them any easier!!
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    just about recovered from the race did a 12 min run today and then went swimming it helped me ease my legs back to normal
  • Hi Richard,

    Sorry,no I didn`t get round to mentioning it.But yes I am looking at doing Heptonstall,the mileage and ascent will be an ideal trainer for `the peaks`. Do you fancy it yourself ?? No pre entry needed and chance of a car share.

    Yes I have seen the section on the Ackworth site,its quite good how the site is expanding,although asking me about fell running might be a bit misleading.


    Couple of days off for me,maybe have a run Tuesday night.Just starting to ease up,been scoffing all day.

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    my legs where aching today but still went on short run and feel better for it I am going to try and beat 2h30 at Chester on the 27th
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