The Wales Marathon (WITH CLOSED ROADS!!)



  • Sorry to hear about your experience Paul.  It was a really tough course in hot conditions that's for sure.  Just wondered what time you finished in?  I only ran the half - which commenced at 12 from Pembroke and every fuel station had both cups and bottles of water, jelly babies, gels etc.  Couldn't fault the organisation and support around the course. 

    Hope you are fully recovered now.

  • This was my third marathon, definatly the hardest.

    I would have liked a race report, how many ran? how many finished? who won?

    The water stations could have just handed out bottles instead of half empty cups, didn't see any energy gels.

    Disappointed that the crowd were handed the T-shirts I ran 26.2 miles for.

    Still waiting for the photos to be uploaded, a week after the race.

    Surprised to see a rotting corpse of a dog on the track at about 14 miles.

  • Anyone running the Wales Marathon 2012, i see that it's quite a challenge, I have run a relatively flat marathon in 4hrs 20 before so any training tips would be most appreciated, some serious hill training i should think.
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