Drinks/Gels/Bars at IM Regensburg

Am thinking of getting some of the same drinks/gels/bars that will be on offer at Regensburg and assuming it doesn't change from last year that will mean the PowerBar Performance stuff.

Can anyone that did the race last year remember exactly was on offer (eg flavours)?

Ideally I don't want to get one flavour and get used to it only to find out it's not being used on the day (or should I just HTFU and do the piratey thing and try something new on race day...).  Obviously things may change from last year but at least if I know it was used last year then there is a high likelihood of it being available again.  


  • In all honesty unless you are of a very delicate constitution then the HTFU attitude would be a good one to adopt, thats easy for me to say with the stomach made of phino skin ...

    Buy a mix of powerbar stuff and get used to them all, we will all have our preferences but you cannot guarantee the one flavour you like & trained with will A)Be available on the day and B)If it is that you can choose that one and the right time and it may all be gone

    Be a bit proactive in nutrition and training and get used to a variety of stuff from the same maker
  • oops! see below.

  • Why bother about last year? The FAQs on the IMR website state what's available:

    During the race, PowerBar Performance Bar (Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Banana flavours), PowerGel (Green Apple, Strawberry Banana, Vanilla) und PowerBar Performance Sportsdrink. There will also be   water, Cola, fruit, cake (cake only on the run course) and lots more.

    In the Athlete´s Garden) at the Finish lots of food on offer including rolls, salted  biscuits, fruit, salad, cake etc. And I'm willing to bet there'll be beer on offer too, never been to a German race that didn't have it.

  • Sorry, I agree with IW, the FAQ on the website should be the first thing to read, forget last year, anything can change. And that still can, check regularly for updates.
  • As you sya tho .. things can and do change even the day before, surely its better to get used to a miriad of tastes just in case?

  • Its not much hastle to carry your own fuel, half a dozen gels taped to the tribars/frame and a few energy bars/gels in your back pocket doesnt take up much room.  It also gives you a contingency if you miss when passing through a feedstation.
  • Thanks guys for all the input.  Was going to get a mix anyway Meldy but just wanted to be sure it was a mix of flavours that will actually be there if I am going to go to the effort of actually getting PowerBar stuff (I usually use other brands).

    IW and Rosey- I did read the FAQ and in the English version it doesn't actually state the flavours.  Switched to the German version just now in case that is where you spotted it and indeed the flavours are there in German! Maybe the translators for the website couldn't work out the flavours!  Thanks though for posting them up in English though as am sure I'm not the only one who wouldn't have looked at the German site.

  • thanks Barlos - will prob do this as well just in case.
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