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Hi all,

 Can anyone tell me whether there's a reminder service that one can sign up to in order to be able to apply for the London Marathon 2012 as soon as the ballot opens? I really really really want to enter but can find no information! I've been on the Virgin London marathon site a million and one times, and checked the forums on here.

 I entered the Great North Run last year and made use of BUPA's reminder service.

 When can I enter the London Marathon 2010? It's driving me crackers, thinking that I might somehow end up missing  entry day!!!!




  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    Jennifer, from what I can recall I think the ballot usually opens the day after the marathon has run. Then the website normally crashes due to the volume of people hitting on it! I think that's the way it goes - if not, I'm sure someone else will come along and correct me. image

  • Hi

    Clags correct

    I will be entering as well done 10 Londons last one about 5 years ago. If I donr get in willdo Loch Ness in October - guaranteed to get in if you apply early I believe

  • Jenjen84, the main ballot for entry for v.l.m. 2012 opens for business on tuesday 26th of April, that is the info. I recieved from the marathon office, hope this helps, Joe 
  • Oooh, oooh! Thanks, Joe, 3:30 and Clag!
  • hi Jenjen 84 it's for sure as  i am on 4 rejections so had a priority ballot form and it was explained on that date for the main ballot, good luck to us both in early October,  have fun, Joe
  • Joe

    I was having the same problem as JenJen. Didn't get in for 2011 hopefully will next year


  • hi Les    it's  tuesday 26th April, be early in case it crashes, it did for my brother and he missed out on a 'priority, . ballot, good luck pal, joe
  • Hiya - what time does it open?  I am working all day so will probably miss out!!
  • Hi melanie last time it opened at just after midnight, so on the morning of the 26th april, if your up, give it a try, good lukk kiddo jo,e
  • Hi, I understand that you can get in with a qualifying time. Does anyone know when this has to be achieved by? I know that last year it was the end of August sometime.
  • Here is the page for this years good for age:

    I'd expect it will be roughly the same dates this year but once the ballot opens they'll update the website to reflect 2011 dates so you'll know for sure then.
  • Hi Heather drudge phone the marathon office on 020 7902 0200 and they shold tell you, good luck, Joe
  • Hey everyone. I'm also consider London Marathon 2012 after completing my first marathon last weekend (Great Welsh Marathon in Llanelli). Bit confused about this ballot process but in terms of getting in, this is what I've been told so far... please correct me if I've been informed incorrectly...

    Very good chance if you've got a "good for age" time (something I'm no where near)

    If you can raise £2000 then you can pretty much guarentee yourself a charity place

    Without meeting one of the above criteria, your chances are 1 in 50 image

    Could someone explain a bit more about the ballot system - you say the website usually crashes but it's not on a first come first served basis is it? Also - does it ask about previous marathon experience? Will it help my application that I've completed a marathon or have no effect at all?

  • Good for age guarantees a place (only for UK runners)

    Charities will grant you a place if you pledge to raise a set amount (was £1,500 but may now be £2,000) I don't know how strict this requirement is as I've never entered this way.

    The ballot chances are not great, but I'd say more like 1 in 6 or 7. I've got a 3 in 9 record.

    The ballot is not first-come-first-served, so getting in early has no effect. there is a closing date though, so make sure you apply before then.

    There are various theories regarding how the information you supply when you enter increases/decreases your  chances. I think the official line is it has no effect, but I'll let someone else comment if they think differently.

    Hope this helps!

  • Thanks BB. I'll apply anyway and just see what happens - who knows, I might be lucky.
  • The charity I wanted to run for had 100 entries for their 25 places if you raise 1500 so still one in four (same as the main ballot I believe, closed at 100,000 entries for 25000 places). The same charity would guarantee a place if I guaranteed 3000.

    I ran Rotterdam last weekend. 45 euros, no problem getting in and it starts and ends in the same place so much easier logistics!

  • Can anyone tell me how much it is to enter and how do you pay. Do you only pay once you have got a place or have you got to pay a fee to enter the ballot? Many thanks.

  • First of all a huge congratulations to all of those who have done the marathon today, well done. image

    What i would like to know is when the ballot closes how long is it before those who get an entry are notified? If i dont get entry via the ballot I will go down the charity route, but it will be a hard for me to raise £2-3k.

  • Sue, you normally only have to pay if you're successful in the ballot, and Orchard Boy normally the notifications go out at the end of September / beginning of October. Sorry but I can't remember the normal entry fee, I think it may have been about £35 but apologies in advance if I'm way out...

    To give yourself a better chance in the ballot they normally operate a scheme where you can donate your entry to the London marathon charity in return for being entered into a second ballot if you don't get through the 1st main ballot. In return you also get some sort of official clothing item if you're rejected in the 2nd one also - this years cheap looking white running jacket I didn't think was up to much but other items like the fleece in previous years were ok. I'm building up quite a collection of rejection merchandise......

    Would have thought the official website setting out 2012 details will be up soon.
  • Anyone have an idea what date next years will be?  I had to defer to next year so what interested to know the date.  Possibly 15th or 22nd do you think?
  • Speedy it's the 22nd next year.
  • Hello all.

    Is someone able to clarify for me whether you must be a  UK resident to enter the ballot?

    I am a UK citizen but I live elsewhere now.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Thanks Flat Footed.
  • Hello bb, I'm sure there used to be a separate ballot for oversees entry but again I may be wrong. Alternatively i think there are approved tour operators that offer more pricey packages. Hopefully the website will be updated shortly with 2012 info.
  • I am told the ballot opens on 26th April
  • Thanks Andy_w. The operator here in Australia requires you to buy flights with your marathon package here for London ( or every other marathon, hotel only is ok). As I am a travel agent, I don't need their flights, so am trying to establish whether I can get in some other way like the ballot.

    Thanks though for taking the time to respond.


  • If you're a UK citizen you could, theoretically, send your entry from a relative or friend's address in the UK. Not that I'd recommend it as it would be against the rules. But I suppose you could...
  • When can we start firing over our good for age entry letters to ask for the application form? I already have a time that I have set so just need to send the request for an application. From previous experience is it any time between the ballot opening and the specified deadline for receiving request? or is there a Good For Age opening date different from the ballot?


  • andy_w wrote (see)
    Would have thought the official website setting out 2012 details will be up soon.

    You'd think.

     But, no, it's all still set up for 2011. Argh!!! So, as one poster on here suggested, the ballot may open at midnight, but then I called the marathon helpline and they're closed until 9am tomorrow morning...

     So I'm going to bed and hoping that I can sign up in the AM!

  • What exactly does the ballot ask, do we need to enter personal details?
    this is my first time and my cousin has also asked me to register him.
    Thanks guys
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