Foot - sore heel/arch area

Started running again after a long absence, and now find that my left foot hurts after a run. It feels like a tendon (?) under my heel / arch area is quite sore. I've been doing about 10-12 miles a week on the roads, and use either Brooks GTS Adrenaline or Saucony Omni 3 shoes to run with.

Should I consult my GP, stop running for a week or more, start running on grass (difficult in a town), or see if I can get specialist help??

Any helpful suggestions welcome......


  • Soleman - it sounds like you are suffering form Plantar Faciitis... check out the Health Section on here for more details ( If you think that your symptoms do match the description, get it checked out ASAP otherwise it can take a long time to heal.

    Good luck and lte us know how you get on.
  • soleman, I suffered the same problem in October last year, went to my doctors who told me to rest it. One month later I started running again, this lasted for about two weeks before the pain came back again. I had read about the condition Plantar Faciitis (PF)_so decided to see a local chiropractor in the area who I had heard had a special interset in foot injurys. As I suspected it was PF and was caused through me having a dropped arch. I stopped running for a further two weeks and was fitted with orthotics. Money well spent. The orthotics took me a couple of weeks to get used to but I wouldn' t be without them now.

    The problem is if you contine to run with the pain it will gradually get worse and depending on how badly you have PF it can take anything from a couple of weeks to 6 months to heal.

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