Hip Bursitis


 Recently upped my running from 6-8 miles per week to 15-20 miles per week over a period of 8 weeks and a couple of weeks ago noticed stiffness and soreness in my left hip the morning after a run (6-7miles). It eased off in a day or so and I continued running however found the pain coming on during and immediately after runs and becoming more severe. I googled and read up on the symptoms and it apppears I may have a bout of hip bursitis. I've been applying anti-inflammatory gel and reduced my running down from 3 times to twice a week initially and then last week had a full weeks rest before running again tonight. The weeks rest appeared to have done the trick before tonights run and I had not been experiencing any discomfort however about 2 miles into tonights run the pain was back and as severe or even more severe than ever.

 This is proving to be a real pain as I really want to continue my running and resting for a whole week seemed bad enough. Think I'm going to see my doctor but wondered whether anyone else has had this problem and can offer some advice. 




  • Hi Nick


     I also find I have trouble with my hip (right one) every so often, I'll go for a couple of months and it'll be fine, then I'll start to get aches after a run, and like a dead leg feel at the top of my leg / lower backside. I run about 25 miles a week over three / four runs. I haven't asked for any medical advise but I found changing my trainers more often and making sure I stretch my hip / legs out before and after a run seem to really do the trick.


    When I started running about 18 months ago I was completely oblivious about how often you should change your trainers. Mine wear out on the outside on my heels first, so makes me run bow legged, hence my hip pain. But a new pair of trainers and a couple of days and I’m off and running pain free again.


    My husband also swears by his support shorts as he suffers from a sore hip / groin strain. But obviously a doctor / sports injury expert will tell you what’s best to do.


    Good luck!



  • Stretching and ibuprofen, i got this when i upped my miles, rest till the pain goes (annoying but if it minor should only be a couple of days), then go out v slow and short and just increase gradually again.

    Yoga strech sat on the floor one leg crossed over the other and twist at the hips after every run (still do it) - you tube hip stretches

    Ibuprofen tablets rather than gel worked better for me.

    Don't get it anymore, its just the body getting used the the strain i'm sure, fingers crossed yours goes quickly.

    Good luck

  • Cos it was right on the side of my hip, hurt when pressure was applied.......and the doctor said. Wasn't stiff it was a very persistent pain and couldn't lie down on it. Having had "strain" in muscles, the difference was/is quite obvious.
  • Hi all,

     Thanks for the response, really helpful. Have just been checking and putting pressure on the area (over my left hip bone) doesn't seem to cause much pain it's more if I keep my left foot planted and push my hip out to the left (so stretching/bowing outwards). I do think I run pronated thinking about it, sure when I went for my last pair of trainers and went on the machine they told me that and I got some which were built up on the inside. Was thinking of investing in some support pants and have also taken onboard the advive re: trainers and ibruprofen tablets.

     Have booked an appointment with the doctor Friday and will be asking them to refer me to the physio too. Hoping it's something I can get cleared up pretty quickly as have been really enjoying my running and  just entered my first 10k for ages at the beginning of April - typical!



  • Hi,

    Ok well fingers crossed then. I have been to the physion before through my doc after a football injury and managed to get in within a few weeks so here's hoping! In the meantime I've bought a pair of support shorts and will get myself on the ibuprofen tablets!


  •  Hi All,

     Did any of you get sorted out or get diagnosed, i have been diagnosed with Hip Bursitis which stopped me running in this marathon, I have been having steroid injections into the hip when the pain appears, seems that it is going on forever, it basically started because I overtrained for last years marathon and went at mile 21 in the marathon. But now may have to have surgery and they talking about the fact that I may have to stop running, may well stop the surgery and carry on with the injections, because I am definitely going to do the LM in 2012. And wondered if anybody else has gone through with this.


  • Hi,

    I think I too have suffered from the same issue (Hip Bursitis or Iliotibial Band Syndrome).  It first started as a pain in my left hip (on the Bursa and just behind, knobband/ly bit on your hip) and was pretty painful but ran through the pain to complete a 15mile run.  I then rested for a week, done a shorter 4.5m run (no problem) but then done a 17m run and the problem started from mile 4.  I eventually got up to about 19m and the pain was from 4m onwards and eventually extended to my knee. 

    In that time I have visit a physio who recommended that I rest.  I have been resting now for 3 weeks but really need to get out as I am doing the Edinburgh marathon in three weeks.

    The physio diagnosed me as having inflammed the bursa due to the IT band aggrevating it.  This was as a consequence of my running style of being a supernator meaning I am putting extra pressure on the outside of my hip/pelvis.  Another cause is that my glutes and core arent holding my pelvis in place well enough (basically my pelvis rotates somewhat when running).  He has given me a number of exercises and stretches to do to strengthen the relative parts and told me to use a foam roller at least twice day to stretch the ITB.  In addition he has advised that I see a podiatrist to get some orthotics for my running shoes to try and rectify my running style.

    I hope to get out this week to build up my running before the Edinburgh Marathon, but concerned that I may aggrevate the injury again.

  • Does anyone know if this does eventually go or is it a permanent condition that can be controlled? A friend has just had this diagnosis and is  v worried he can't run anymore?

  • I have suffered with Hip Bursitis on and off for years. There is normally a trigger which sets it off.

    I have been to doctors/physios about it and had lots of different treatment. About 2 months ago I had a cortisone injection which hurt like hell but did absolutely nothing.

    A couple of weeks after the injection I had a session with The Running School in London and was told it was because I 'crossed over' when running and swung my hips. Since then I have been working on strengthening my hips and running technique and touch wood my hip has been fine.

    So rest to begin with ice packs and maybe have run technique looked at?

  • Thanks to both of you very much for the advice, I'll pass on.  I've researched online and found a website advertising for osmo patches which are said to help draw out the inflammation overnight and seem to have some very good reviews, anyone heard of or tried these?

  • Think I may be suffering with this, iv been stretching my it band and it has helped but there is still a niggle and running regularly just makes it worse. I was running about 45 miles a week and now I'm struggling to do half that. Would seeing a doctor help to get referred for a scan/x ray etc?
  • If it is bursitis could take a while to get back to normal. I started getting hip soreness after my first marathon last October, then took a tumble on ice in January and landed smack bang on that hip. Queue weeks of severe pain and referral to physio - who diagnosed bursitis), advised not run at all. After about 3 months of physio, including ultrasound and twice daily stretches and ice (and secretly still jogging - against physio's advice) it got to be loads better, but still not 100% even 6 months on - still about 30 seconds/mile slower than I was image

    Best to get it checked out asap. Can take weeks or more to get a physio referral via doctor so the sooner the better really. In the meantime rest if you can, find some suitable stretches online and ice it regularly for about 15-20 minutes a couple of times a day. Take anti-inflammatories (they do help a bit) by all means, but ultimately it'll respond best to physio treatment and rest (which I know can be hard to do but you have to think long term).

  • Thanks for that, I'm pretty sure it's healing, so ce iv been stretching my it band it has felt better and I managed a 12 mile run today at a decent pace with very little feeling or pain, think I need to get a foam roller to help iron the itb out. If it does get any worse I'll see a physio, can only hope for a decent recovery now.
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