Tshirt printing

Hi all

 I've got a t shirt which I wear running all the time - I'm 99% sure I'll be wearing it for the VLM this year.

 I'd like to get the superman symbol and my name printed on it.....or indeed just buy a running specific tshirt with the superman symbol on....but I cant find somewhere that does that or a ready made tshirt anywhere.



  • Primarni are knocking out superman logo t-shirts for £6, but I dont think it could be termed a technical t-shirt!
  • Please tell me you're not going to sew a cape onto it too??

    You could always throw a real spaner in the works, & find out who all the comic-book geeks who also run are by sourcing  the 'Alternative Reality' Superman t-shirt, where he crash-landed in a Ukrainian collective farm (a stylised 'Hammer & Sickle')



    Comic-book geeks who also run????

    Wait..... that's me. damn!!! Oh noimage

  • You should try for custom t shirt printing. I recommend you http://thetshirtman.co.uk/ you can even design your artwork there using online designer tool.

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