First race using chip timing

I received my race number with timing chip today, its my first half marathon ( Hastings) and first race using chip timing. I take it I do not do anything at with the timing chip and just pin it all on my t-shirt as it is?? there is sort of a plastic covering on the race chip, should leave this on it ?

This is probably a silly question but I had to ask someone!


  • Sharon is it one of those sort of wire ones on the back of the number? If so then you just leave it as it is and pin it all on. Some chips are on badns you put round your ankle, but doesn;t sound like one of those
  • Just found this on the race website:

     There is no registration necessary. Your race number, with a timing chip attached, is all you need. Please do not tamper with, or remove this chip. Follow the instructions on the reverse of the number and avoid damaging the chip and wire aerial when pinning it to your vest. The Sponsors name must be clearly visible. In case of emergency put any medical problems on the back of your race number. Make sure that your number is displayed vertically, and not folded when finishing. The chip will be detected as you cross the finish line, and your time and race number will be recorded automatically. After finishing, your number will be scanned by marshals using hand held detectors. This is only a backup; your time is recorded as you cross the finish line. Please keep moving once you have crossed the line, collect your memento, and your drink, and clear the finish area as soon as possible. Any competitor not displaying their number on their front at the finish, will not be allowed into the funnels, and will not receive an award. If you have a problem, tell us beforehand. Any deviation from these points contravenes UK Athletic rules, and will mean disqualification. DO NOT FORGET YOUR NUMBER AND SAFTY PINS!

  • Hi B, it is one of those with a square wire and my number on. There wasn't really any instructions in my race envelope today and I noticed on the website there wasn't any instructions as such about the timing chip so I thought I would check on here,  I guess is goes on as it is then. Thanks image

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