Can I train for the London in just two months?

I am a fitter than average 50 year old in the prime of my life.  I ran four half marathans last year from August to November (fastest being 1:42 - good for me!) plus a 10 miler in December.  However, since then I have been blighted by various injuries and although I have kept fit doing shorter runs and Spin classes etc, I am not sure if I can train up for London which is in just two months time!  I now seem to be injury free.

Any ideas any one?

 Many thanks


  • Yes you can !!

    If you can run 8 miles as a long run now without stopping and have the time to train for 4/5 days per week I think you would be OK.

    I would try and add 1.5 miles each week to your long runs for 4 weeks and then do a long run of about 16 - 18 miles 3 weeks before.  Make sure you have a sports massage a couple of times before the marathon, that will help.

    It won't be easy, but not sure marathons are !! 

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for your reassuring response. It does make me feel alot betterimage!

  • Hills,

    A big thumbs up from me too!  I'm in the same boat so although slightly younger image I kept fit through cycling and finding it much easier than expected to get back into the running. My training schedule has been revamped slightly like funny hat advises but am sure you can do it with the experience you have advised - good luck!

    I'll see you there image

  • Thanks, Miggito

    another response that is music to my ears!image

  • I wouldn't recommend my lazysod style of training, but I hadn't run since Brussels Marathon last october, then ran 8 miles on 2nd Feb, then ran 12miles on the 13th, and today, 19th, ran 16 miles.. If I can run 23 next weekend, I will be well on target to pb for my Marathon at Dusseldorf on May8.

    Be careful of those injuries though, and be prepared to step back. I'm just very lucky to be a neutral runner, with few if any injury niggles.
  • I am a lot older and have been blighted first by flu and then by sore hip am up to 12.5 miles now but deterimed to give it a go am going to try running 5 nights a week and doing long run on Sunday am sure that will get me round
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