What marathon time

i`ve been running for 3 years now. for the first 2years i just ran for pleasure and off 20-30 mile/weeks with that i done a 3hr35min marathon an 87 min half mara. problem is on new years day i stepped it up to 50 miles/week an in january after 2 1/2 weeks of this an an easy week i turned up at a half expecting 90mins but got 84 mins but on april 10th i`m doing the Llanneli marathon but dont have a clue what to go for. PLEASE CAN SOME/ANYONE HELP ME OUT HERE. suggestions massively appreciated.thanks in advance.


  •  http://www.runningforfitness.org/calc/racepaces/rp?metres=10000&hr=0&min=40&sec=09&age=42&gender=M&Submit=Calculate gives 2hrs 55

     Or just double your half time and add 20 mins. Gives a 3hrs 08 estimate

    Do you think the half was measured correctly - 6 mins is a big difference in your times ?

  • Go for glory and aim for a sub 3 hour marathon or play it safe and go for a sub 3.15? Welcome to the "around the 3 hour mark" club. It's a big question but one you have to decide for yourself.
  • your 84mins is because of all your training not just 2 bigger weeks

    when did you do the 3.35hr marathon?

    id be tempted to go through half way at 90mins and then decide whether to ease up or gamble image
  • Can't help thinking people are looking for miracles here.  

    If you managed to convert an 87 min half to a 3:35 marathon (and assuming you didn't go off ridiculously fast) previously then you're likely to be in the range of 3:20+ off an 84 minute half unless your training has been significantly higher which it hasn't.

  • 1) the half (Helsby 2011) was correct distance.

    2) the 3.35 marathon was 31/05/2010 off about 20-30mile weeks average about 7.30pace.

    during this run i did 7.10 pace every mile up to 24 but faded badly in last two miles.

    3) (for a perspective on fitness) today in trainning after 40miles in the previous 4 days i did a 21.06mile time trial at about 7/10 effort in 2hrs 33mins still felt relatively okay on finishing.

    ADVICE/HELP/TIPS greatly appreciated THANKYOU.

    PS has anyone used a pace band before.

  • during this run i did 7.10 pace every mile up to 24 but faded badly in last two miles.

    it took you 40mins to cover the last 2miles?
  • Ok fair enough - helsby is accurate. I'm thinking sub 3.15 should be doable based on what you've told us. Would that get you GFA in London ? How old are you ?
  • 8.00 minute mile gets you a 3.30 marathon, if you were doing 7.10 until mile 24 you must have basically stopped for a nap before completing the final two miles.
  • i never actually come to a complete HALT but it was was ridiculously slow i know that much lol. the Llaneli marathon is on 10th April i`m 20 on 17th April. running for 3 years on17/04/11, seriously considering wearing a pace band for 3hours an staying as close to that as poss. Thanks for the feedback its all very much apprieciated. image image

  • got 79.57 today in Village bakery Half marathon does a 4min 21sec improvement in 4 weeks so really happy to be honest.
  • your ability hasnt improved 4mins 21 sec in 4 weeks

    i always do 2 half maras in the spring and the second is always a bit faster. confidence form the first, better build up etc. not to mention village bakery wrexham is a really fast course

    unless you've been focusing far to much on speed you shouldnt have any problems going sub3
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