Late! I'm late! For a very important date so said the white rabbit

I know I have to get everywhere 5 minutes early - its a curse. But I have to share this!
Can't stand how schools read out class absent & late statistics in a Friday assembly and give cups or cuddly the toys, to the class with the best attendance. For goodness sake - they're 5! Then, the children are late out, every day!!!!!! Actually, often the gate is still locked in the morning, late!!! Especially, when it's raining.
Today, the irony was not lost on me, when they were late out as the teacher was handing out the 'punctuality' stickers!

Urgh!!!!!!! Then, I'm late for my eldest's school due to their inadequacy!!!

Right - off my chest now, resume duties, cook tea, sort washing..... can't say anything, as you don't want to get your child as being the one with the difficult parent!!


  • I nearly suggested to my GP receptionist yesterday that alongside number of GP and nurse appointments that were missed by patients in the last week, they should also publish the number of patients who had to wait over 10 minutes past their appointment time to see the health professional.

    Quarter of an hour late for me, no patient in the consulting room all the time I was waiting.

  • 45 mins for us at NHS dental practice the other day.

    And that was for a 09.00 appointment.  They were all there but dog knows what they were doing.

    I used to find it ironic that in the off-springs' primary school, the only prize given was for attendance.  They stopped giving awards for attainment and progress or prowess on sports day, they didn't believe in encouraging competition.  So they ended up awarding the one thing over which the children had no control (and no, it wasn't a school where attendance was an issue) - pointless.

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