hi folks

just looking for any information really....i am a big guy (16 stone just under) but do a fair bit of exercise....(training for hm, football and 2 circuit training sessions a week)

i sweat loads!

i mean loads, now don't get me wrong i dont mind it when im running, but in circuits with going from mat to mat i have started feeling a bit uncomfortable especially with girls behind me.

i use a towel, i change my t shirt after each session, i use anti perspirant. nothing seems to work.

ive lost 2-3 stone over the last three years of constant exercise but still seem to excessively sweat.

can anything be done?


  • Don't do circuits ? Or just get a thick towel ? Sweating is good - try a spin class and see how big a puddle you can make - it's great fun.

    I sweat loads too when working hard - but I don't need to share mats with anyone.
  • I sweat loads. People stare sometimes. They can't believe how wet I can get!

    A page for you to read. Click here

    If this sounds like you, then maybe see your GP. Otherwise, just accept that you have an efficient body cooling system and embrace it.

    I have. It's other people's problem if they don't like it. One day I'm going to shake like a big dog and shower them in it.image

  • I sweat loads, luckily I'm female so where as its alot for a female (I drip onto the gym floor!) men still sweat more then me in some cases.

     I tend to find a towel helps -and wearing a good strong scented deoderant. The towel helps get rid of anything which makes me feel uncomfortable and the deoderant helps reassure me I don't smell as bad as I look! (Oh and a big no to spicy or garlic-y foods or even your deoderant wont be able to help you!)

    I think its more down to what I think of me rather then what others think of me:no one has ever come up to me to tell me I sweat alot and I doubt very much they would either, so the worry has to be coming from me and the fear of what other people are thinking has got to be my own worries I am projecting onto other people. If I just go with it and ignore the worries, concerntrate on why I pay my membership fees I wont have a problem.

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