Keeping em clean


Any top tips for keeping my sneaks in tip top condition? 

My road runners generally dont get dirty, just wet in which case i just let them dry out naturally.  But my trail shoes often get totally soaked and clogged with silty sandy mud.  In the past ive put them in the washing machine on cold wash (insoles removed) but im not convinced this is doing them any good!

So any advice would be greatly appreciated image



  • sneaks?

    Is this America?

    Just run through the puddles at the end of your run. They come up looking um wet.

  • Hi!

    I did a muddy race last weekend and my trainers were absolutely caked in mud. I left them to dry and brushed the mud off whilst holding a hose between my legs.image

  • I must be odd - I like having a dirty pair of trainers, I guess I like it to look like I'm getting a good amount of use out of them. image

  • I rinse mine in the sink.... Just wash loose dirt and mud off and then let them dry in front of the AGA.... If I didn't I think they would be a couple of pounds heavier by now.....
  • i put mine in the shower with me directly after the run
  • im liking the shower idea...not sure the other half will tho ^^


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