The trojan wars

Need some advice. Slightly 'strained' my achillies on sunday after about nine miles. Stopped running right away. Walked home about a mile. Went through the RICE routine OK. Able to maintain good flexibility, no appreciable soreness. Went for about a 40 min bike ride today, no apparent reaction.
Q1: How soon to start running?
Q2: Have a 10 mile race in 12 days. Should I forget it or is it possible to make the start line?
Advice from similarly troubled greeks welcome.


  • Similar question - I felt a twinge on Sunday evening after running fast on an uneven road. Since then, both mornings have seen stiffness and there is a spot on the achilles which is tender if pinched about 3-4cm from the heel.

    I've heard stories about this injury lasting years so am keen not to repeat past mistakes!

    How soon before stretching?
    What exercise is safe?
    Presumably I will be able to jog after a week but speed work is out for a while?


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