Ankle braces

Howdy all, fairly straight forward question this time..... has anybody used a solid(pivot/hinged type) ankle brace?

Is it posible to train in these full time?

Whats the options? Ive seen the Mcdavid and the Active Ankle, anybody tried/using them?




  • You're asking for trouble if you use one without professional supervision.  It will stop your ankle moving in the way it wants to which is likely to cause an injury.  Have a look at the websites for the two you mention.  Nowhere does it mention using them for running.

    Have you seen a physio or other specialist about your problem?  Have you done exercises to strengthen your ankles? 

  • I'm looking at these options out of desperation really. Its a very old injury..... recurring due to massive instability. Been down the physio/specialist/bio mech route and tbh nothing great has happened and a large amount of time has elapsed since first acquiring the injury.

    I know what you mean about the range of movement but i was thinking/hoping the design/material of the brace would allow for slight eversion/inversion(even though the claim they dont) but just restrict it at that and allow full plantar/dorsiflexion.

  • What is it in your ankle that is unstable, i.e. which structure?

    A friend of mine completely ruptured her ATF ligament and uses an AirCast brace with some success.

  • how strange - came on here to ask about ankle braces and found this!

     I have a recurring ankle sprain...just keep going over on it everytime i hit a bit of uneven ground. I've been to see an orthopeadic (sp?) ankle doctor today and he suggested I might try an ankle splint/brace. He also said to discuss it with my physio.

    A friend of mine had same problem and said he wore one to run in for several months just until the strengthening exercises etc kicked in...he said he was fine running in one...

     ...will await more replies...

  • Did your friend have one designed for running?  That might be an option for Rob.
  • don't know, will ask him if he can remember what it was called..he said it was similar to what andy murray wears for playing friend is excellent runner - sub 3hr marathons - so i'm guessing it must have been ok for running in...
  • Is that post tibial dysfunction ?
  • Basil, bang on the money with ATF but thats the norm apparently with ankle injuriesimage. I also have problems with peroneal tendon from way back.

    Its fairly rediculous, cant run on grass/offroad, cant do left hand corners, cant do path/roads that camber left to right, cant run too fast eitherimage. Been nursing it for a while on the dreadmill as its the only place i can guaratee it'll be a flat run. Stupidly took a break from the dreadmill and went for a sunday run a few weeks back which has aggrevated it somewhat.

    ploddinglady, if you could find out which brace that would be helpful as i'm not into tennis and have no idea what Andy Murray wearsimage

  • it was definately an aircast one...will ask him if he can remember the seeing a physio at the hospital next week so will hopefully get some  more info off them too!

  • Cheers ploddinglady, the aircast a60 looks decent as it fits inside a trainer fairly well..... so they sayimage. I have tried a neoprene type which was useless and also a mcdavid that laces up but its so uncomfortable to run in..... so much so it changes your gait a little. I'm fairly despeate to get something that will do the job but not at the expense of creating more problems,lol.

    Ive rested up for nearly a week now to let it settle back down a bit and i'm going to try a dreadmill run tomorrow.

  • was just looking at this one...but realised it's the same one as you said...

    will get back to you if i find out anymore info...

  • I think that's the one my friend has. She does netball, so needs a lot of stability - so I reckon it will be ok from that point of view, but how it will translate into suiting running needs I'm not sure. Best of luck!
  • an update...i've been to phsyio at hospital today. I asked him about an ankle brace/splint. He said I could try one and it will definately protect me from respraining or going over while I'm running BUT if I fall whilst wearing one I've got a good chance of breaking my leg!! oh!...that's pretty much scared me to death of them now!....


  • I have used one for running and playing football I had a plastic one and I could still use my ankle movement as normall so it shouldn't risk a brocken leg !

  • spoke to my running club physio and an experienced marathon runner friend, both of whom told me to  go for the Aircast 60 and I'll have no problems!

    Have ordered it!

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