Medial collateral ligament injury



  • Dill where'd you go for the biomechanical assessment? I've been to Profeet in the past but that was more geared towards getting the right shoe fit, what exactly did they go through with you? How much was it if youdon't mind me asking? Worth it?

     I've had what I think is some good advice from my Osteo regarding muscle imbalances but I've also had some conflicting advice from physios, I'd like to get a definitive stretches/exercises

  • Hedge

    Yes I was aware of my injury during my run but no pain. I felt the pain today which has become the norm with this injury ( Always the day after my run). Seems to be a different sort of pain tho more of a soreness rather than a sharp specific pain. I going to speak to physio tommorow to make sure this is normal. Didn't stop me walking 5 mile this morning plus 1 1/2 hours cross training this afternoon.

     Are you feeling any pain at all?

    As for London I will leave it to the last minute but I will have no problem defering if I have to. I've always wanted to run it but it doesn't really fit into my plans so it can wait till next year.


    I used MDP-physio of Maidstone and I found it to be very thorough. Firstly we went out and he watched me run in various directions and checked my shoes out for wear. Then we went in and had a disscusion about my problems and the injury. He then had me doing a series off balance and stability tests. He then laid me down and twisted and turned me in every conceivable position to check mobility and see if I had any pains. When we had got through that lot he examined my injury. To finish we discussed his findings, went through the exercises he wanted me to do, talked about the causes of the injury and finally he strapped me up with kinesio tape. All for £80.

    I found the whole experience worthwhile and will be going back in 8 weeks to see how things are progressing.

  • Dill

    No pain as in sore. Just a little niggle from MCL as a reminder every now and again. I sort of look at it now in the sense that I can do everything as normal, but it ain't just right and not fully healed.

    My physio said, look at the MCL healing process as lots of pieces of thread binding together and getting stronger and stronger as the days go by (however she didn't say how many blinking days!! , I would have happily paid her an extra 20 quid for that little snippet of information image) .

    My short run today gave me a bit more confidence I have to say. Planning 1hr on bike later on.

    Keep us updated Dill, I think our MCL injurys are running pretty much same timescales.

  • Hedge and Lirish how are you both?

    Just been sitting here looking at the VLM withdrawal page for a couple of minutes. I'm sure it's the right thing to pull out but still can't bring myself to do it. Even if my injury allowed it I know I haven't got the fitness to do it justice.

    Injury is nearly there reckon I'm about 80/90%. I've run 5 times in the last week nothing more than about 4 mile tho. Did try 6 mile just over a week ago but that didn't go well. I was really sore the next day. Spoke to physio about it and he told me NOT to push milage up too quickly. Point taken. Been doing all the exercises not much fun but sticking to it. Soo time consuming.image I think there may be abit of bursitis going on but that is only my unqualified opinion.

    Anyway 136 days untill NDW100 and I'm sure I can make it. Bit concerned about fitness tho feel like a newbie again.

  • Hi Dill - Good to hear you appear to be on the mend.

    I have eased myself slowly back into my running over the past two weeks. 4 runs so far and touch wood all seems to be ok.

    I am still aware of MCL, but it seems stronger, more solid and no ill effects from running. I went out last night for a nice flat 8 miles @ 9.15mm pace. Lovely evening for it and felt pretty good. No plans to crank up mileage for a while, nice and steady as she goes (famous last words!!)

    Have you decided about VLM yet?

    Hope things are going well Lirish?

  • Same old for me I'm afraid, still cross training as much as I can but it just isn't the same thing, I'm constantly surrounded by runners everytime I leave the house ( I live five minutes from Richmond park) and it's a constant reminder of what I'm missing.
    I have exactly one more week to go before I can run again and my greatest fear is that these six weeks off won't have made any difference and it'll be the same old pain when I start again. I'll have to wait and see.
    I think you're making the right decision about the VLM Dill, if you overload the ligament too much you're looking at months out of commission and that's the NDW definitely out
  • Lirish - It's a bummer I know. The 6 weeks I was out, runners seemed to be everywere!! - I'm convinced they all timed it to be out on the road as soon as I set foot outside my door. I found myself trying to judge their pace, stare at their trainers etc etc, nuts I know......................

    My biggest fear starting back was the not knowing if knee would hold out. What I would say is trust your instinct and don't rush things.  You will know when it is ok to run on it. 

    Good luck guys

  • That is so funny! I thought it was just me who looked at all other runners with a sinking feeling in my stomach. My wife chuckles as I mutter under my breath at every one passing by.

    I know I will pull out of VLM but it is so hard after trying for so long to get in. To be honest a big city road mara is not even my thing anymore. The draw of the trails is so strong. Haven't done any full on trails for weeks. So scared of over stretching my leg. I'm just happy to be running again.

    I'm going to work out a plan at the weekend to take me all the way to my big race. I want this so bad.

    Lirish you must have a really strong mind not to run at all for six weeks. You must be climbing the walls!!

    Glad to hear your still going well hedge any races on the horizon?

  • Not sure about the strong mind part, I think I just eventually came to the conclusion that if it wasn't getting any better with what I was doing I need to try something else. Theconcern now as I'm heading into my final rest week is that nothing will have changed and I'll be back to square one but that's something I'll have to deal with if it happens.

     I know how you feel about the VLM Dill, that's how I felt about the Wye 50 but you know it's for the best, withdraw now and move on in your mind to the NDW and work up to that.

     Hedge you got anything you're working up to?

  • imageimageJust pulled imageimageout from the VLMimageimage.
  • Big decision but I'm sure you know it was the right one, the VLM will come around again soon enough but you can't run the risk of ruining your recovery for it. Focus on building up to the NDW as your main event this year and I'm sure you'll be fine.

     My six week running hiatus ended on Friday and I have to confess I haven't been out for a run yet. Simply put I'm worried that nothing'll have changed and the pain will still be there. I guess if I don't run I can't find out right?

     I went to see a biomechanist yesterday and he basically told me what I already knew, a definite imbalance between my left and right hip and a slight turn out of my right foot when I run, he has however given me both strengthening and stabilising exercises so that'll be somehting to focus on. He has suggested that I wait until the imbalance is stabilised before starting to run again but I'm not sure I can wait that long. However long that might be.

     How's your recovery going Hedge? Still pain free I hope?

  • Dill - VLM, you know it makes sense.

    Lirish - I emphasis mate. Not a nice feeling, but hopefully your first run will put your mind at ease.

    Things with me are pretty much ok. Can still feel MCL, even after all this time!!, but very slight and does not hamper my running/jogging. 

    Been taking things easy the last 3 weeks, two 5-8 mile runs a week, as I seem to be getting aches and pains all over at the minute, sore foot, tight hamstring (i'm hyper sensitive now to injury).

    Ran a local 10k today, boiling hot weather. Did not push things and got round in 53 mins (was far from easy!!). Fitness still a long way off. No major plans this year, did think about Dublin, but after today the thought of 26 miles was not pleasant image

  • It's been three weeks since my screening and have done those mind numbing exercises every day since. I must say tho they have made a load of difference. No piriformis pain at all! Still got a slight hamstring niggle but working hard on that.

     Went back to see physio last week because still a little sore on my MCL but he said things were going perfect and I should expect a little pain. He gave me a couple more exercises to do and recomended I get some  new shoes something with a bit more arch support. HA don't have to tell me that twice!

    Managed 8 mile Saturday rested Sunday due to a pretty nasty hangover but just done 7.5 mile plus all my exercises tonight. No probs.

    Hedge I know what you mean my legs are feeling sore each time I run but that is defo due to the lay off. You did well to race at all yesterday on the back of injury and in that heat. I hear only 8000 turned out for the Brighton mara when 15000 had been expected. Soo hot.

    Lirish my Bio man said that I would not get any benefit from the strengthening exercises for aleast four weeks but like I said I felt a difference after just two. So stick with it it'll be worth it. Can't advise against your physio but I'd be out even for just a few miles but I'm sure he's right.

    123 days and countingimage

  • Well it's now two weeks since my rest period ended and I've even managed to get out a couple of times.

     I had thought I'd be ok fitness wise having cross trained quite heavily for the last four weeks of the non running period but flippin' heck it's like I'd never ran before. The first couple of sessions were on a tready just to build up a little confidence and they went fine, nothing much started with twenty minutes, then twenty five and a thirty. First outside run I couldn't decide if my ITB was sore or not there was so many aches and pains. The good news is that my right ITB seems ok after a couple of six milers, the bad news is that it seems to have moved to my left leg. image

  • Well fingers crossed I think i've cracked it. I'm finally over this horrible injury.

    All the hard work and perseverance has paid off. I managed an 18miler  Sunday on the North downs to top a 50 mile week.

    I've changed shoes and I'm back running 5 times a week. So touch wood thats it I'll sign off from this thread and concentrate on the NDW100 thread instead!

    Good luck Hedge and Lirish and hope you are well.

    94 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!image 

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