Just ran my first Half Marathon distance

I have been a lurker for a good while now with only a few posts so thought I would give an update after a very good day image

 In Sept I entered the Belfast marathon for the 5th May, I hadnt done any running just a little walking, i was 32 any not fit. I started the get you around program here and was getting on well, up to about week 6 but then winter came and I couldnt get out much at all. A gym opened up near me so joined up and started going in Dec. Obviously Xmas was in the way as well so I god a few 30 min runs under my belt during that time.

Jan came and I hired a personal trainer for an hour a week, mailny to work on my core strength. I also started back onto the program. A few 30 min runs a week going either fast or up hill then a long slow one on a sunday. I managed to get upto 8 miles on the treadmill.

A couple of weeks ago I ventured out onto the read again expecting to lose a mile or so of my long run. 2 Weeks ago I did a 5 mile run with a few 3 miles after it. Last week I planned for 7 and ended up doing 11 so this week I aimed for 12 and managed 13.3 in 2:02 !!! OK the route I took this week was fairly flat except for the last mile or so but I still didnt expect all this 2 weeks ago..

 I have 10 weeks till race day and im starting to feel as if I will be able to do this little race image


  • Hi I have just joined the forum and saw your post.

    I am looking for a personal trainer in Belfast as I want to do the marathon in May 2012. Would you recommend the trainer you used and if so could you send me their details?

    How did your marathon go?

    Kate Connolly

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs1TwEmHmbU

    ...thats the story and the fable, never leave a note on runners world forum.

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