Puffy eyes and face

Dear fellow runners

 Does anyone else get puffy eyes and swollen face the day after a long run?? Or is it just me? Or maybe this is something else?

 I think mine is dehydration. Did 19.5 miles yesterday and a salty meal afterwards. Well I thought I had plenty to drink but this morning I woke up with a massive face and I'm so thirsty. I've had like 2 liters of water already and I'm still thirsty.

I started working out why I'm feeling like this and it seems to be a pattern every Monday morning. Well I do my long run on a Sunday.

When I was a heavy drinker, I had these symptoms after a day of my hangover. Now I dont drink anymore and I'm still getting it! How unfair is this!!!

Anyway does anyone else have this and if so, have you got any tips of how to avoid it? I've drank loads before, during and after my run. I mean I have a camel back and I've nearly had all of the water it contains plus a sports drink. And this is during the run.

It must still not be enough. Am I missing something crucial here?


  • Do you sweat a lot, and if so, is it salty sweat?

    Are you rehyrdrating with water, or an isotonic drink? If you load up on water you might be exacerbating an electrolyte imbalance that can cause puffiness.

  • I always have puffy fingers after a run, no idea why.  Doesnt have to be a long run either
  • I sweat a lot yes. Salty, not sure. Think it depends on things.

    I drink both water and isotonic drinks.

    I'm pretty much aware of the salt and water balance in my body however I've recently been to a skin analysis and it turns out my skind on my face is severely dehydrated.

    This morning I had 3 liters of water, and I am not kidding, within the first 5 hours of being awake and I was still thirsty.

    Still feeling a bit thirsty now but the puffiness has gone down, thank god!

  • Try weighing yourself before and after the long run - this will give you an idea of how much liquid you sweated off (1kg = 1 litre).
  • I have puffy eyes and face after a run. I also have puffy eyes and face before a run, so I guess there's not much I can do about it.
  • I don't think I can contribute much but if it's any consolation I have fat fingers after a long runimage
  • I just found this... good ol' googleimage

    - Long walks in warm weather.
    - Some walkers reported the problem more in cool weather.
    - Some thought that higher altitude contributed to more swelling.
    Electrolyte imbalance:Electrolytes are the salts in your bloodstream, which must be kept in balance to prevent swelling in the tissues. Sweating without replacing the lost salt can upset this balance.

    Too much salt can swing you in the opposite direction and still cause swelling."If you are not taking in adequate electrolytes, the imbalance in salt levels between the blood stream, the cells, and the extracellular spaces essentially results in a trapping of the water in the tissues as the sodium is lost in sweat. The same thing can happen if you are taking in too much salt. For those interested, look up "sodium-potassium pump" in a textbook of physiology to get you started."

    2) Good Hydrationimagene person's physician said the swelling was a sign of good hydration, i.e., of fluids being carried into the capillaries just beneath the skin to promote cooling. This swelling is more noticeable in the extremities. He didn't think it was anything to worry about.

    3) Centrifugal Force:If you are walking / running properly, the centrifugal force generated by swinging your arms will gradually lead to edema (swelling) in the hands.

    4) Blood Pooling: Swollen fingers/hands are due to blood pooling in the extremities of the body. Blood pooling also occurs in the feet. However, in our legs we have large, efficient muscles that are pretty good at getting the blood pumped back up to the heart. In the hands and fingers, we have smaller muscles that are not as good at getting the blood pumped back up to the heart. So, what you get is numb, tingling, swollen fingers

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