What running gear would you buy if you won the lottery?

Which products/brands would you buy if money were no object?


  • It's not gear but I would get someone to go over what training I am doing and see where I could make it work better for me. And maybe run with me on the intervals/tempo sessions so I get the paces right. 

    So a personal trainer I guess.

  • What are you training for? If it's a marathon Steve Marathon Coach on the SS6 threads is amazing ... he's answered loads of questions about training for loads of different people ... deserves a medal I think!

    I love the idea of a personal trainer - you could focus on grunting and swearing instead of forcing your motivation to come out and play image

  • Well, I just trained for a half and I thought the training went well but my race went pear-shaped.

    I definitely enjoyed the training more than the race. 

    Maybe I should try another race, before I conclude that this training malarky is ineffective.

    (I think I am as guilty as the next beginner of running my slow runs to quickly and my faster runs too slowly.)
  • lol I'm just new too, Ive given up counting how many things I've done wrong in the last few months ... I'm now just lurking around the forums stealing other peoples experience in the hopes of avoiding some of the pitfalls of newbie enthusiasm.

     Sorry your half went pear-shaped,  bet the next one will be fantastic by comparison - still worth checking out the SS6 threads when you have a minute as there's loads of info on interval and hill session etc.

  • running is one of the most cost effective pastimes around and i dont think id pay for any gear other than trainers which costs more than £50. even if i was a multi millionaire

    there were 2 brits in the top 10 of VLM last year and both had full time jobs!

    if you're asking about high altitude training camps, top hotels for exotic races etc then id take the full package image

  • I laughed at the hotels comment, can't argue with that!

    What's your take on the GPRS watches I hear so much about Treadmill H?

    I hadn't thought about who made up the top 10, v interesting fact (which I'll steal and trot out while nodding knowledgeably) 

  • Not running gear as such, but I would book myself into Club La Santa, Lanzarote for Jan & Feb every year.

  • If I won the lottery I don't think buying running gear would be the first thing on my mind.
  • With a few £mil in the bank, I'd opt for a personal trainer/nutricianist, with a home gym and pool in my house - along with the winter months at Club La Santa. *

    * i know their sports facilities are great, but i don't think the accomodation is 5* from what i've heard (more like 3*), so as a multi-millionaire, i might stay somewhere else on the island, and helicoper in for the sessions!!!!!!


    But as i don't actually play the lottery.....then it's all pie in the sky!!!!!!

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
    I'd pay someone else to do the running for me image
  • forgot about my forerunner image

     you can pick a good one up for £100 so still dont need millions image

     Wilkie wrote (see)

    I'd pay someone else to do the running for me image

    no, no, no!
    even if i was the richest person on earth id still be running everyday.

  • I would enter  all the international ultras and adventure races that currently are just way out of my league financially. 

    And lots of warm weather training in the winter months. And a personal trainer. And a ice bath/ sauna /jacuzzi/ heated outdoor 50m swimming pool (not sure how this could be encorporated into my topfloor hackney flat though!).  And a daily sports massage.

    Not sure id change my 205 Garmin though, i love it and its broken strap!

  • Alas I think running gear would be first on my mind if I won the lottery - though I'd have to buy a bigger house to store it all in, oh and a new etc etc ...

    I agree millionaire or not a millionaire I'd still be running (though perhaps it'd be on the sand somewhere exotic rather than the local floodlit industrial estate!)

    Can I have a go with the helicopter?

    I agree, my new calendar on my new kitchen wall would be suddenly crammed with races from all over the world. Katiecom perhaps you could treat your 205 to a new strap??

     TH I'm too scared to buy one in case I've made a mistake and I choose a rubbish make/model that I end up regretting. 

    Clamshell I admit I don't play either but somehow it hasn't stopped working out how to spend my imaginary winnings


  • Compression gear
    Vibram Five Fingers
    Racing flats
    Recording device (Garmin or whatever)
    I'd also get some off-road and road shoes made for me as I've got narrow, slim feet and struggle to find shoes which fit me properly

  • @Clamshell - you could hire me - I'm a nutritionist.
  • image.mmmmmm.......I'd buy a house in the lakes as we're a bit short on mountains in the midlands. Have to train at the moment by repeating hills and it can get a bit repetitive.

    I'd also have at least 2 pairs of every shoe that walsh and Inov-8 make, some prescription Oakleys and an endless supply of bananas.

  • @Intermanaut - OK, when my 'families' numbers come up, i'll give you a call!!

    Actually i could do with a chef too, who could prepare all the nutricious meals for me.  Can you cook???

    @SOLB - I can think of many ways of spending money i don't have, or ever hope to have!!  Aston Martin convertable would be high up on the list of non-running related purchases.

  • Hey, I'm a nutritionist too image


    Or maybe you meant to say that you'd like a Dietician, Clamshell?

  • Just before I ran my first marathon, a colleague asked me for my lottery money for the week and said, "fingers crossed - if we win this week you wont have to do that race!"

    ...which completely misses the point, but goes to illustrate that it doesnt matter how rich you are, 26.2 miles is is a hell of a long way no matter what your bank balance says.

  • Yep, one of those as well!!! image

  • image

    And I like the quote image

  • lol I think I've got a bit carried away with this thread - I've been filling up baskets in online sports shops all day ... I only remember I haven't actually won the lottery when I clock the totals and have to beat a hasty retreat image
  • i would buy a personal trainer to keep me in shape
  • New legs image
  • If I won the lottery, I would have almost exactly the same equipment as I have now, on my national minimum wage job.  Once you have found the shoes, clothing and rucksack that work best for you, only very minor improvements can really be attained. 

    You might see some lavish expenditure on races on the other hand. 

  • I'd buy enough land to create my own woodland runs - say about 10 miles. I'd also need space for the trail bikes and as D2D has just reminded me I also need a swimming pool. I'm thinking Island here. image

  • My own pool would be good.  Nothing extravagant.  Just a nice 25m lap pool.
  • an island, great idea - we could kick branson off his.  Necker Island here we come image
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