How much porridge should I eat?

I have recently converted from cereal to porridge as my pre-run breakfast. I would normally, have a big bowl of cheerios (filled up to the top of the bowl and pilled up a little!). How much porridge should I be eating to get a similar sort of calories? I have been having 3 sachets of 27g, one filled with milk and the other two with water.


  • big is the bowl!?

    Simple thing would be to check the nutritional information on the packets?! 

    Also '3 sachets of 27g'.....I assume that is the 'oats so simple' rubbish.....why not just buy a big bag of oats for about a quid, and add whatever you like? Jam, sugar, salt, nuts, honey - much better for you.

  • What he said ...
  • Yeah - what he said! Porridge and honey OM NOM NOM!! (also, real oats just as easy to do as that fake stuff which just tastes like baby food image)
  • Stop magic porrige pot, stop!
  • 3 sachets????? A "serving" is one satchet.  do you always eat for 3?  LOL image
  • Dear Goldilocks

    I wouldn't eat the big bowl of porridge and I wouldn't eat the baby bowl of porridge. I'd go for the middle option. And keep your hunting rifle close and your eyes on the door.
  • 1 cup oats
    2 cups water
    soak overnight.

    am: add a cup of milk or water (or whatever liquid turns you on) and cook slowly stirr occaisionally or for a 'fluffy' porridge wisk continually - cook for as long as you want, up to 30 mins or 3 hrs, adding water as necessary.

    Serve with anything you want, salt, honey, syrup, fruit, almond butter etc.


    Then lie down for 4 hrs while you digest this. Wow, eating before running. image

    100g oats = 360 kcal (this may vary depending on the oats you use of course)
    7g fat; 11g protein, 61g carbs.

  • And isn't it irrelevant what you eat for breakfast ? I do my long runs with no breakfast.
  • LOL Jammie.  loved that book image
  • My morning porridge is half a cup of oats (that's a proper cup measure rather than a mug) and a cup of milk.  Microwave for a minute, stir then microwave for another minute.

    You can add whatever you like for extra flavour.  Sugar, honey, fruit.  Adding chopped banana before the second minute in the microwave is quite nice.

  • I have to admit I'm a porridge fiend! 

    Everyday for breakfast without fail (except for scrambled egg on toast about a night on the sauce image

     I have a little scoop thing I kept from my protein shakes in my weight training days.  I think it's 25g, I usually have 2 scoops, pinch of salt, milk/water and then nuke for 2 mins or even better on the hob if you've time.

     Don't get me started on all the things I chuck in!  Current favourite, blueberries and cinnamon, maybe with a cheeky dash of maple syrup..........mmmmmmmmm

  • I just pour in as much oats as I want, squirt of honey, pour in "some" milk, microwave for 3 mins, bobs your uncle! Quick, easy and no faff.

    oooh cinnamon in porridge, sounds good, never tried the salt thing but my scottish neighbour swears by it.

  • Cinnamon in porridge is excellent, I also add strawberry jam and a chopped plum or pear.  A little bit of allspice also adds an interesting kick.
  • oats, water, microwave for 1:20. stir. done. differing amounts of water create different textured porridge, adds a bit of variety image
  • linseed and agave syrup on my porridge.  Lower GI
  • Porridge with Cinnamon and Apricots for me anytime!!
  • I normally have 100g of cheerios.

    How many grams of porridge do you guys roughly eat? I am only using the sachets because I bought a small box to try out, when I run out I will buy a big packet.

  • half a mug of oats, full mug of milk, pinch of salt,(I leave mine overnight in the fridge) 2 mins in microwave stir and serve. Honey on top. delisshe. makes a bowl-ful nom nom...image
  • That sounds like a lorra lorra Cheerios! I have half a mug of porridge oats, which works out to be about 45-50g, skimmed milk and water, tsp of sugar, tsp honey and a small handful of sultanas. I also sometimes mix with some chocolate Options drink and sultanas, which is yummy!!!! Can't beat oats for breakfast I don't think, or good quality muesli. image
  • Cherios - one srving 30g 110kcal

    100g 367kcal

  • Wondering why you decided to start worrying about the size of your breakfast Were you measuring your cereal beforehand or is it just because you've switched from cereal to porridge?

    Btw, to whoever posted about Agave Syrup The Truth About Agave
  • Hi did my LSR this morning (marathon in October) and swear by porridge.  Scots now do sachets and I add Linsead and milled flax, sunflower pumpkin, sesame seeds and goji berries from Holland and Barrett before cooking, just minute and half in microwave, stir and cook for another minute.  I had two weetabix before LSR and then porridge when I got in, works for me.  Usually add semi-skimmed milk to cook with but personal choice.  Then add whatever you fancy, bananas are lovely but any fruit will do.
  • 1. 27g of porrige wouldn't keep a sparrow in flight and isn't worth cooking.

    2. Just weighed out my normal morning portion (but i'm going to eat it, as I often have 3 bowls a day for a snack between meals, it's better than eating cheese sandwiches). It was 75g (dry weight).

    3. If I want a bigger / more calories meal i'll use a bigger bowl (must be at least 100g) with either peanut butter, chocolate spread or chocolate crunchy clusters mixed in, or combinations of all three, or anything else sweet and fattening that I fancy.

    4. Yeah, eat and run, no problem.

    5. Easy porrige, just boil a kettle, mix the hot water straight in the bowl with the oats, leave to cool. You can make your porrige anywhere and at the same time as making your tea/coffee.

  • I have no idea how much porridge I eat - id be scared to weigh it (I used to weigh all my food obsessively and I think its a dark road to go down...) but its definately a lot as my colleagues always ask how many people Im making it for! 

    I have a big bowl, 3 teaspoons of coffee granules, chopped apple, pear, banana, boiling water until the right consistency is reached then into the microwave for 3 minutes or so.  When cooked, cinnamon and milk to eat.

    At the weekends I cook it in a saucepan with jumbo oats, its a different animal altogether.  I often use mango or some frozen fruit (like those bags of black forest fruits).

    Breakfast is my biggest and most calorific meal, but i always run or swim first and so im pretty damn sure i deserve it!

    I am a porridge fiend.  If there was one food i had to eat forever it would be it!

  • About 45g of porridge oats, 250-ish ml of milk and a pinch of salt, cooked on the hob for about five to ten minutes (I don't have a microwave, and porridge goes mad in one anyway).

    Then I add some cold milk on the top (or cream, if there is some hanging about image), and  a little brown sugar.

    Two hours later I'm ready to run image

    (and I often go back to bed between eating it and running!)

  • I'm so hunggry right now and reading all your ideas is not helping, must leave thread!!!

    I do the same wilkie, porridge in bed on a sunday morning before a nice quiet LSR - bliss!

  • The only reason I know the weight of my porridge is because I like to make sure the porridge/milk proportions are correct.  (Suppose I could use a cup or something but there you go, that's my method.)  I go for 50g oats and 300ml milk.

    I don't measure cereal but I know from the frequency of shopping trips that it tends to work out about 100g a time, i.e. I like my bowlful in "Josh" size.  (A big box of Shreddies lasts just over a week.)

    That might answer your question.  image

  • I can't survive longer than an hour on anything other than porridge or muesli - nothing else fills me up! I also have two slices of toast on top of my porridge too. I loves me brekky! image
  • Phil - In an OCD, exacting kind of way, I had to laugh at that. Enjoy your porridge. image 

  • PhilPub wrote (see)

    The only reason I know the weight of my porridge is because I like to make sure the porridge/milk proportions are correct.  (Suppose I could use a cup or something but there you go, that's my method.)  I go for 50g oats and 300ml milk.

    I don't measure cereal but I know from the frequency of shopping trips that it tends to work out about 100g a time, i.e. I like my bowlful in "Josh" size.  (A big box of Shreddies lasts just over a week.)That might answer your question.  image
    Ok great! So two 27g sachets and toppings should give me the same amount of calories?
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