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Hiya everyone,

 Im new to tri's this year and to start this season im entering a duathlon and I just wanted to know what people wore in there events.

 I just wanted to know what brands (Reliable) and items of clothing...



Orca Cycle shorts

2XU Cap

2XU race singlet



2XU T0 wetsuit

Skins tri suit model xxxx

Brooks Adreline GTS 9


Any help greatfully recieved..


  • I think all those brands are more than acceptable. Just make sure you try them out beforehand a few times to make sure there is no chafeage.

    If you are doing a Tri its worth getting a tri suit, either one or two piece. 

    There is another thread just started - No Gear, No idea I think it is called, have a look there for other thoughts.

  • Aldi is fine ... you get what you pay for

    Check existing threads for any stuff and dont overthink it   image
  • Yes I did havea read on that thread..

     My 1st even this year is a duahlon but i dont know what kit to get for running and cycling in? I have a rough idea for tri events but not a clue for the dualthlon...

  • Tri shorts with a thin pad, otherwise what you'd wear for a bike ride and a run.
  • Whatever you wear for a tri will be fine for a duathlon... apart from the wetsuit and goggles.  You won't need those.
  • Duathlon's are more likely to be in colder weather than triathlons, so it's not unusual to see people doing them with leggings over tri shorts, and with a cycling jacket in transition to pull on over their running gear.  I tend to wear a Helly under my pirate monaco, with maybe a jacket on standby in T1.

    You'll probably also need gloves of some description in a duathlon.  Whether you wear them on the run, or leave them in T1 to put on for the bike, is up to you.

  • Possibly arm warmers too. Otherwise, what save said
  • Thanks all,

     The duathlon is 1st week of April so it may be a little cold image

     I was looking at some tri short today and I'll just wear my normal running "top" half...

  • Don't forget the bike helmet!
  • If it's at Dorney it's pretty exposed and you can get some windy conditions, so I would consider gloves for the bike section.
  • No its the Swansea, Mumbles duathlon...
  • Oh okay, no need to be coy, though, say it proud.
  • The brands you suggest are spot on - I use Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 for long runs, Asics Noosa Tri 25th for short ones (up to 10k) both with locklaces in them, 2XU trishorts, 2XU tri top, 2XU compression calves, arm and leg warmers from Decathlon, nice soft baseball style hat for the run (INOV8 summer cooler). I use separate shorts and top rather than a trisuit for a tri as I get too hot in the pool in a trisuit, and too hot under my wetsuit in open water. I've also used tri shorts with a cycle top for a tri with a longer bike in it so I can have gels or bars in the pockets ready to put on after the swim. Best prices for 2XU stuff I could find was at Ribble cycles online.

     However I have run gear from More Mile (from startfitness.co.uk) and it's top! Great prices too. They also do trisuits, tri tops, tri shorts and their own locking laces which work well. I've just got a tri top from them, but haven't tried it in anger yet so can't comment.

  • +1 for the MoreMile tri suit - even if they come up a little small cf with the sizes on their website. As I posted elsewhere - they only had medium and small and I think a large could be better.

     That said, it was very comfortable to run in, and I think my running posture is better than my staring in mirror posture! I tested it today on a cycle ride, and didn't have any complaints.

  • Try this tip too if it's looking like a cold day - my Shimano RO86 cycle shoes have holes in the soles in front of the cleats for ventilation. To avoid getting chilly and then numb toes, stick some duck tape over the hole! What a difference!
  • Good suggestion GG. It should also keep the rain out. I should have done this at Marlow.
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